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Flash Firmware Installation Using Amlogic Burn Card Maker – How To

Flash Firmware Using Amlogic Burn Card Maker

Do you want to Flash firmware using Amlogic burn card maker? If you use any mobile then you should daily update its firmware. Nowadays many people without enough technological info mess up trying to install or download the firmware on their own. As it usually ends in the device getting hard-bricked. However, with changing times technology has been getting very simpler. The entire process of flashing firmware has been made easier or simpler thanks to the different tools that are available today. Today, we bring you one such flash tool which is known as Amlogic Burn Card Maker.

You can use this application to flash firmware from a micro SD card on a mobile device. Unfortunately, this tool does not compatible with all mobile devices. Only those mobiles which run on Amlogic processors can use the software for firmware flashing. This article includes the download link for the new version of Amlogic Burn Card Maker. Also, I have put up the firmware installation guide for your ease in installation. It is very easy and simple to use. Rather than firmware flashing it has many other uses as well. This tool can also perform different actions such as formatting, creating a partition, remove flash, erase the bootloader, and reboot the device.

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Download Amlogic Burn Card Maker Tool

Here is the download or installation link for this flash tool for mobile devices running on Amlogic chipset. It is a very small file and its size is 3.96 MB.

Amlogic Burn Card Maker v2.0.2 | Download

How To Set Up & Use Amlogic Firmware Flash Tool

Before starting the article, here are some guidelines that you follow before the firmware flashing process.


  • This tool is exclusively for mobile devices running on Amlogic chipset. You don’t try it on devices running on other processors.
  • A PC/Laptop
  • Completely charge the battery of your mobile device before starting the firmware installation
  • A microSD card
  • Make sure to take a proper backup of your mobile device data before flashing a new firmware.

Note: If you use any flash tools and third-party firmware modification then we’ll not be responsible for any damage or issues such as device bricking, firmware corruption, data loss, etc. Just follow the instructions of the guide properly and then carry out the firmware flashing at your own risk.

Flash Firmware Installation Using the Amlogic Burn Card Maker

  • Download or install the Amlogic Burn Card Maker from the download section above.
  • Unzip the archive and execute the Burn_Card_Maker.exe file to run the tool.
  • Tap on the upper left Chinese menu and select the second option. Then check ‘English Version’,
  • You need to restart the app.
  • Then select the disk or ‘Choose your image files’ to open the picture and choose your specific .img firmware for your Amlogic device.
  • Hit the ‘Make’ button and wait until it finishes.
  • Now put the micro SD card in your Amlogic device and then enable it.
  • Well, the device will enter into recovery mode and the firmware will automatically flash.
  • When the device starts reboots, erase the micro SD Card,
  • Wait a while until the firmware update finishes up.

So guys that’s all about it.


If you sport any mobile device with an Amlogic processor, then simply use the Amlogic Burn card maker to flash the required firmware on the device. I hope that this article was helpful to you.

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