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Are you looking for the best or free Strategy Games for Mac? Mac is not a gamer’s go-to platform because of obvious reasons. But, thanks to some best developers and publishing platforms such as Steam, Mac users have the best selection. So, if if you can’t enjoy GTA V on your latest MacBook Pro, there are some amazing strategy games on Mac.

In this guide, we have mentioned some of the amazing strategy games for Mac. But some of them are very heavy with graphics, some games work on low-end devices. Also, we’ve mentioned system requirements with each of the titles.

Some games are available through Steam. However, if you are interested, you can then find a standalone variant as well.

List Of Strategy Games For Mac

0 A D

0 A D

Let’s begin with something totally free. 0 A D is an open-source strategy game. When you initiate the game, you’re a leader who is up for the challenge. After using the resources around, you need to set up or use your civilizations and beat down opponents ahead. Also, the game brings a fight between 2 different civilizations — one from 500AD and the other one from 500BC. Still, it is under development and there might be some bugs.

Download: Out 0 A D

Democracy 3

Democracy 3 is another amazing political strategy game for Mac. It’s available through Steam and it has many additional downloadable contents too. The most popular simulation game too, Democracy 3 needs you to be a leader. Democracy 3 provides a user-friendly interface that improves the strategy gaming experience.

Download: Democracy 3

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM Enemy Unknown

If you are searching for a strategy game with tactical gameplay, remember you have to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As the boss of a paramilitary organization, you should protect the world from a potential alien invasion. It has a graphics-intensive game, you should take part in on-ground action, combat, and strategy. Also, there are some Role-Playing elements in the game. The game also features a big number of missions you can keep playing.

Download XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Civilization V

Civilization V is where you become the leader of a civilization that travels from old ages to the current one. Whenever you guide the people, you’ll discover lots of people and tech. You must use your strategies when it comes to building your space or combat. Also, it comes with an amazing UI that allows you to manage or organize your world easily. You can keep installing new maps to explore so that you never ever get bored with Civilization V.

Download: Civilization V

StarCraft II

StarCraft II-Strategy Games for Mac

StarCraft II is one of the amazing strategy games you can get for Mac. Whenever you have constructed your base, you should begin building the army. After that, you must lead the army to beat the enemies and conquer the galaxy. In this game, there are 3 different races who play in various modes. It does not matter which one you select, you want the right strategy to lead your team and win.

Download StarCraft II

This War of Mine

This War of Mine is an outstanding Mac game that wants both survival tactics or strategy. Rather than being a super-soldier with weapons, you are made a civilian. It makes your way through aimed snipers and radars, it is your duty to secure you and others. The decisions are very important here because you must keep everyone on the hooks. It comes with amazing graphics and one of the fascinating gameplay experiences.

Download This War of Mine

Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition

Total Wa Rome II – Emperor Edition

Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition is another one of the best strategy gameplay for Mac. In this game, you take up the role of the emperor. From political decisions to action-rich battles, you should take decisions that are based on strategy. Versatility is another best thing that gamers love about the Total War series so for that purpose Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition offers better.

Download Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition


Well, if you’re not an expert in Finnish mythology then Sproggiwood is for you. It has been wrapped with an initiative design or storyline. You start the game as a farmer but you come across a spirit or a rivaling group of civilizations. But what happens next depends on your decisions or actions. Sproggiwood allows you to nurture different classes and prepare them for a fight.

Download Sproggiwood

Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade Warband

Are you ready to move towards the throne of Calradia? If you want to do that, you should prepare your team for never-ending fights and combat. Mount & Blade: Warband is one of the most amazing and graphics-rich games for Mac. Also, it brings 64-player online gaming battles as well. Being a leader or king, you should take both political or personal decisions, even your marriage. In short, it has some amazing RPG elements too.

Download Mount & Blade: Warband

Robothorium: Rogue-Like RPG

Robothorium: Rogue-Like RPG is the best combination of role-playing or strategy gaming. Just in case you like to be a humanity savior, sorry. Robothorium: Rogue-Like RPG wants you to be the king of a revolution against humanity. You should build a robot-based attack team and beat the silly beings on the earth. Of course, you make a proper strategy; if not then, you fail. The game comes with online multiplayer, turn-by-turn tactics, and much more.

Download Robothorium: Rogue-Like RPG

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV-Strategy Games for Mac

Europa Universalis IV is another best strategy game that takes you through a long period of time. You should build your civilization and view how it survives the test of time. If we compare to other strategy games, Europa Universalis IV offers freedom for your decisions. Whenever you progress through the large-enough map, you must get used to various systems like commerce or trading. Also, it offers cross-platform multiplayer games where your combat or strategy are important alike.

Download Europa Universalis IV

Total War: SHOWGUN 2

Another amazing title from the Total War series, Total War: SHOWGUN 2 is set at a time when Japan is struggling through its tough time. You should clan leaders and bring solace, using your political decisions, and much more. The clan will beat places and extend the empire to many other places, while you should take the right decisions. It also brings an amazing set of graphics and gameplay to offer.

Download Total War: SHOWGUN 2

The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2 is RPG in nature. However, without the correct tactics or strategy, you can’t win this game. It is based on history and each character has something behind the trail. Whenever you move with the timeline, you should engage in battle and take some proper decisions. After making sure that Viking clans are completely secure, The Banner Saga 2 needs you to explore sub-plots as well. Actually, it is all about the story than the gameplay, you know.

Download The Banner Saga 2


RimWorld is available as an early-access title on Steam. However, it doesn’t mean that you should compromise performance or features. When RimWorld begins, you have 3 characters — survivors — who are stuck in an unknown world. These 3 survivors have different stories to play, you must know. That is the best thing about RimWorld: it allows you to modify the story depending on the slight details. If you love many stories that involve strategical playing, RimWorld never ever bore you.

Download RimWorld

Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II Total War-Strategy Games for Mac

We like to complete this list with another amazing title from the Total War series. Medieval II: Total War is set in a time when bloodthirsty battles were quite common. When we talk about gameplay, the choreography or graphics get better and better. Also, you can engage in multiplayer matches through the LAN or the Internet. One of the amazing things about this strategy game is its reach itself. You have a big community of gamers to play with. And, nothing conquer a strategy game with a large amount of user-base, you know.

Download Medieval II: Total War


Some of these strategy games can work on the current Macs. They are subject to performance or storage space. So, you can concentrate on getting a game of your taste instead of worrying about compatibility. Also, whenever you think you must know some other amazing strategy games for Mac, do let us know in the comments section below!

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