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Frozen Display On Windows 10 – How To Fix It

Frozen Display On Windows 10

Do you want to fix the frozen display on Windows 10? Whenever your display screen freezes then two things might have happened. The first one is the app that’s currently in the foreground can freeze your display. Another one is your PC or system is frozen. If it’s the app that’s causing the issue then don’t turn off your system. You can resolve a frozen display after refreshing it.

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Steps To Fix Frozen Display On Windows 10

You can also resolve a frozen display through the built-in refresh tool on Windows 10.

  • Head over to your laptop or desktop then hit Win + Ctrl + Shift + B. On a tablet, hit the volume up and down button together, in quick succession, three times.
  • Your display screen will flash and the frozen or stuck app should either crash or quit, or maybe it will resolve itself. This is the easiest method to resolve a frozen display. If your display can flash but the app still won’t work nor allow you to switch to other apps or your desktop, you can then try to quit or close it with Task Manager.

In case if your task manager refuses to open, then try to force shut down your PC after holding down the power button.

Chrome Freezing

In case, if you are recently updated to the Windows 10 April Update and you might be experiencing a bug whereby Cortana or Chrome, and many other app freezes. Then Microsoft has launched a proper solution for it through an update, update KB4103721.

  • Simply install KB4103721 from the Settings app. Head over to the app, move to Update & security. Then choose the Windows Update tab. Look for new updates and this one might appear in the list of available updates. Allow Windows 10 to install or download it. Restart your PC if required.
  • If your update is not detected, you can wait a day or a while to view if it appears or you can install the update directly from the MS official catalog website. Just download or install the update and make sure you install the correct one i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit for your PC. The file downloads as an MSU file that you can double-tap to execute, and download on your PC. If a restart is needed, the update will likely say as much. But if it doesn’t fix the issue, restart your PC anyway.

This update only resolves the Chrome freezing issue. If your PC is freezing, or you face this issue before updating to Windows 10 1803. Then the issue is something else and the update will not resolve it.


I hope you can now understand how to fix the frozen display issue. What are your views about it? If you want to share anything regarding this article then let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. Waiting for your valuable feedback!

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