Best Furniture Design Software


Furniture Design Software: Recently I wanted to buy a new work desk. So, being a DIY guy, I wanted to make my own desk that can meet my specific requirements. I am not professional but I want some help from YouTube videos and furniture design software. If you are in the same position and looking for good software that makes it easy to design furniture, then here are some of the best furniture design software you can try.

Best Furniture Design Software



SketchUp is a very user-friendly and feature-rich 3D design software. It is pretty good a designing the furniture.  One of the best things about SketchUp is that it is pretty least yet fully-featured. This combination makes it quite easy to use and the learning curve is not that hard. Add to that, SketchUp has a huge 3D library that can be used to design your own furniture. Additionally, once designed, you can export the 3D models in different formats like 3DS and CAD.

Pricing: The base version of SketchUp is totally free but is limited in terms of features. For instance, you will not have access to the 3D library, support for 2D designs, 3D modeling options, style builder, etc. Visit the page if you want any details. I recommend you check this page.

Platform support: Windows and Mac. If you want to, you can also use the browser version.

Download: SketchUp



When we talk about 3D modeling and designing, SolidWorks is one of the most popular software. It gives you tons of options to design the furniture the way you want. Since SolidWorks is a CAD software, you can pretty much create any type of furniture design you want. You can try out different textures, materials, and other 3D elements for your furniture designs.

SolidWorks has a whole catalog of partner products that tries to enhance and make it easy to create your own furniture. SolidWorks has a great community and some huge woodworking libraries to get you started.

Price: As of writing this, the website did not list the pricing. You need to contact the local vendor to find out.

Platform support: SolidWorks is only available for Windows.

Download: SolidWorks

CAD Pro Furniture Design


Besides SolidWorks, you can also try CAD Pro Furniture Design software. Now, just like SolidWorks, CAD Pro, is a CAD software. It can be used for a variety of needs. The main specialty is that it has all the specific tools you need to design your furniture.

Features of CAD Pro include but not limited to autoshaping, smart dimensions, drafting tools, MS Office integration, sketch tracking, a huge library of DIY projects and plans, etc. All in all, if you are looking for software that is simple to use but has all the essential features then give a try to CAD Pro Furniture Design and see how it works for you.

Pricing: It is a premium-only software that costs you a one-time fee of $99.95.

Platform support: CAD Pro is Windows-only software.

Download: CAD Pro Furniture Design software



SketchList is a purpose-designed software. The software lets you create any type of furniture design you want. It has almost everything a woodworker or designer needs to design good furniture. Those features include drag and drop objects, alignment tools, Snap-On objects, one-click contours, drill hole emulation, One-click joints, wood types, custom materials, etc.

If you are looking for a purpose-built software that is straightforward to use, then go with SketchList.

Pricing: SketchList is a premium-only software that costs $149.99 per license.

Platform support: SketchList supports both Windows and macOS.

Download: SketchList

 Woodwork for Inventor

furniture-design-software-02-solidworks (2)

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Woodwork for Inventor is designed to specifically meet the needs of woodworkers and furniture designers. Woodwork for Inventor comes with some interesting features like automatic mortises and tenons, box components, material generator, size calculations, automatic measurements, etc.

Price: As of writing this, the website did not list the pricing. You need to contact the local vendor to find out. You can use this link for that purpose.

Platform support: Windows only

Download: Woodwork for Inventor


I hope that it helps you in designing the software. If you think I missed any of your favorite furniture design software, let us know in the comment section below.

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