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Games Like 2048 That are Better and Bigger

‘2048’ is a massively famous maths puzzler that really challenges the intellect of its players actually. The main premise of the game is really easy to understand however, mastering it takes a lot of skill from its players. Well, the game actually exploded into the market literally overnight and also managed to cement its position in the video gaming industry due to its addictive nature. In this article, we are going to talk about Games Like 2048 That are Better and Bigger. Let’s begin!

Now if you are one of those folks who fear mathematics, then we highly recommend you to check this out or some of the other games on this list. As they really tend to make the subject interesting actually. There have been cases where folks actually started liking the subject rather than fearing it. That makes it an extremely fun as well as an educational experience. With that said, here is the list of video games that are the same as 2048 which are our recommendations. You can play these games such as 2048 on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac, or even online.

Games Like 2048 That are Better and Bigger

Shoot n Merge

‘Shoot n Merge’ is basically an innovative take on the gameplay style of ‘2048’, wherein you are needed to shoot numbers in order to achieve high scores actually. Rather than a gridlock of numbers, you are instead in control of a linear board that you can click to shoot numbers in a given line. If you guys manage to shoot the correct number, then you guys will score points for that shot. The main aim of the game is to keep on playing so that you don’t lose out on your score multipliers and also let blocks descend to the floor as well. Every correct shot will merge the blocks together that allow you to take further shots at it.

However, the premise for the game is extremely simplistic, the gameplay can get really addictive at times. As you progress, you are then able to collect many upgrades that have such inspiring aesthetics. However, also add a lot of immersion to the gameplay as well. This is another fun little maths puzzler that you can play if you guys are looking for something similar to ‘2048’. It is presently available on the android and iOS play store and you can also download it for your handheld device right now.

Download – Android | iOS

Age of 2048 | games like 2048

‘Age of 2048’ is a unique take on the ‘2048’ maths puzzler genre. The game is actually a cross between city builders and maths puzzlers wherein you are needed to mix and match many tiles in order to progress through the ages. Similar to ‘2048’, you are presented with a grid at the beginning of the game; but, numbers are not present on any of them. Rather, there are buildings structures that you must match together so that other tiles can be unlocked.

games like 2048

As soon as you guys merge two tiles of the same type, they upgrade. Such as, if you merge two same buildings of the Stone Age, they form a new tile containing a building from the classic age. There’s also a total of 6 different ages, namely the Stone Age, the Classical Age, the Medieval Age, the Industrial Age, the Global Age, and the Space Age as well. The main aim is to start from the stone age and keep matching tiles unless you run out of moves or you progress all 9 to the space age actually.

There are many items available to you that help you to get out of tough spots, such as the magic wand, that removes a tile and creates a blank space for you. We highly recommend this one to folks who like strategic experiments such as‘2048’, mainly because of its addictive and unique gameplay elements.

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Dead 2048

Well, the Zombies have attacked and you have to defend your place, Thorugh building a tower in this Tower building 2048 amalgamation. The game is set on a  farm along with 16 blocks and a gateway to the entry point of Zombies. You have to swipe and merge the defense towers in order to create a barrier to hold the zombies on the other side. You would have to use the resources carefully so that you do not overcrowd the tower with redundant tiles. There would be times when a Zombie infestation would attack the towers. And you can kill the zombies through dropping a tower on it.

games like 2048

Download – Android | iOS

Impossible Nine | games like 2048

‘Impossible Nine’ is a really unique and frustrating take on the ‘2048’ gameplay format. However, the game is really easy to understand, it is exactly that much harder to master. Well, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have thrown my phone away in pure frustration, just when I was about to win actually. That’s the funniest part of this game.

games like 2048

Whenever you play something like ‘2048’, it provides you hints that you are moving in the right direction. It is just as easy to lose on your very last move because it is on your first one and this makes it extremely frustrating. This is also one of the reasons that I am placing this game at the top of the list actually. Now that you guys know about it, there is simply nothing that will stop you from playing this title, and then you are doomed as well. We suggest you try this one out at your own pace because it is nothing like the peace that is ‘2048’.

Download – Android

2048 Bricks

Well, the Tetris Effect is real, you guys can look it up and it has trickled down to 2048 and I must say it is the best of both worlds. Rather than tetromino, you get a square tile that drops on the bottom actually. Your aim is to get to the tile 2048 through merging the similarly valued tiles. The tiles drop from the top, that is much like Tetris and you have to instantly free up space before the tiles reach the top of your game is over. I can’t stress enough you to press the play button, just go play this now.

Download – Android | iOS

Hexic 2048 | games like 2048

‘Hexic 2048’ is basically a fun little spin-off to the original ‘2048’ game that slightly changes the board in order to create huge differences in gameplay. It really is a simple idea in order to start off with however, the implications it has on the original gameplay style are beyond comparison actually. ‘Hexic 2048’ simply changes the board from a square one to a hexagonal one as well, and all hell breaks loose too. Well somehow, the most sophisticated and most dependable of outcomes turn out to be absolutely ridiculous and out of bounds. Well, it’s actually mindboggling what one simple change can do to the overall game as well and ‘Hexic 2048’ is a definitive example of this as well.


The aim of the game actually remains the same arrange the numbers in the slots in such a manner. That no matter how you add them up, it all turns out to be the same actually. Now it is necessary to keep in mind that the sum of all the blocks does not turn out to be ‘2048’ in some of the cases. And this is mostly because of the shape of the board actually. But, it is possible to solve the game through other numbers and these are specified at the start of each and every level.

There are many grid sizes that you guys can select from. Along with 2x2x2 being the smallest and 5x5x5 being the largest. Plus, there are three game modes for you to select from, namely the classic mode, the survival mode, and the X-Tile mode. You guys will definitely enjoy playing via this one if you like playing the original ‘2048’. Especially if you are looking for something more challenging actually.

Download – Android | iOS

2048 3D

This game is not actually for the faint-hearted and easily frustrated. I mean those words and if you guys have played 2048. And almost gave up then this would give you nightmares for many days. It has a 3D arena along with a 3x3x3 area. The objective is the same however, the gameplay is new. You guys can also swipe up and down normally when only one face of the arena is visible. However, you would have to keep track of all the sides as the cubes are generated in the whole arena. Swipe using two fingers in order to move the arena around and one finger to move the blocks. I can’t even stress enough how difficult this game actually is. You should still play this otherwise you won’t know If I’m being serious or just exaggerating it.


games like 2048

Download – Android | iOS

2048 CrossLine | games like 2048

If anyone ever told you that Math and Geometry are useless and you wouldn’t use it in real life as well. Then ask them to play this game. It is actually a really different game and just borrows one element from the Original 2048, apart from the name. Well, the game presents you with a line and it has a certain number of balls on it as well. Each and every Ball has a value and when two balls touch, they merge then. You play via making a cut on the line and rearranging the ball order actually.


If you guys think is getting tricker, you are right and it gets even trickier as well. The balls on the obtuse angle side move first and the remaining balls follow it as well. This is the crucial mechanic that would help you master the game actually. Don’t worry about it, the game has a tutorial in order to help you explain things. You need to check it out.

Download – Android | iOS


Threes is actually a Challenging Puzzle video game via Sirvo LLC. That is actually all about matching numbers while enjoying the classic game-play actually. The game also allows you to swipe and slide the numbered tiles on a four via four grid. In order to make threes through combining the addends or through multiplying. With amazingly addictive and really challenging game levels, cool visuals. And sounds plus the brilliant moves to make, Threes is a really fun game to play. If you are a fan of games such as Threes, you have already played this cool puzzle game. And you should know that this game is totally free now. And you can also download it to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices as well. Along with all the great and challenging puzzles, beautiful visuals and sounds, and addictive gameplay. Threes is a fun game to play actually.


Download – Android | iOS


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “games like 2048” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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