Go Dark Mode: Android Apps with dark mode will help users save battery life


Android Q will present a framework vast dark mode that will enable clients to spare more battery squeeze and utilize their telephones for more extended periods on a single charge. To guarantee that they fall on the right side of the gap when the OS starts taking off, designers have been occupied with executing the dull mode highlight to their applications, however not the majority of your most loved applications have gotten it up to this point.

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In this post, we have assembled well-known stock and outsider Android applications that have officially gotten a darl mode that can be empowered/debilitated at whatever point the client feels like. As you may have seen, some OEMs are additionally going dark with their custom skins, among them Samsung and OnePlus.

Android 10 dark mode

The Dark mode is extraordinary compared to other Android 10 highlights. You can empower the Dark way on Android 10 under Settings > Display > Toggle on the Dark topic alternative.

Android 9 Pie dark mode

All gadgets with Android 9 Pie as the base OS have a worked in dark style, yet empowering it might shift starting with one producer then onto the next. For the most part, this way ought to get you there: Settings > Display > Advanced > Device Theme > Dark.

You should see the adjustments in your Quick Settings, volume slider, Google Discover Feed, and different pieces of the framework UI and select Google apps.

Night mode

Samsung One UI Night mode

If you are a Samsung client, you should spare yourself some time and empower the framework full dull style that comes as a feature of One UI. This should be possible through the Quick Settings menu or Settings > Display > Night mode, nonetheless, just the framework settings, speedy settings, warning menu, and framework applications will go dull.

With UI 2.0 and Android Q discharge, you can anticipate that more highlights on related should Dark mode soon.

dark mode

OnePlus OxygenOS Dark Theme

Those on OxygenOS can likewise empower dull mode using the Settings > Display > Themes > Dark. These progressions the presence of settings, snappy settings, application cabinet, and framework applications like dialer, messages, and contacts. However, you’ll need to empower dull mode physically on other outsider applications.

Android Apps having Dark Mode

Discussing perfect applications, here are a portion of the well-distinguished ones that presently have dull mode/topic:

Google App

One of the most utilized applications on your gadget is, at last, going completely dark. Indeed, as affirmed by different Reddit clients, the American tech mammoth has conceded Google application the choice of changing to mode. As it’s a server-side update, you won’t have to refresh the use physically from the Google Play Store.

It’s to be noticed that a few clients experienced the dull subject a couple of months back, yet the organization was reluctant to dispatch a more extensive rollout up to this point. Regardless it probably won’t be accessible for your gadget. However, rest guaranteed that Google would make it available in the coming days.

To change to dark mode, essentially go to the

Google application > Tap on More > Open Settings > Go to General > Choose subject > Set to Dark.

Google Assistant

In the course of a few months, Google has revealed the dark mode to a lot of its applications. Numerous clients were baffled not to have the option to grasp the darkness in the Assistant use, asking Google to make the component accessible as quickly as time permits.

At last, Google has tuned in to their supplications and has begun revealing the dull mode to the Google Assistant.

The update, true to form, is gradual, so it may be some time before your gadget gets it.

To empower it, go to the

Google application > Tap on More > Open Settings > Go to Google Assistant > Scroll over to the Assistant tab > Pick Dark subject

dark mode


The most popular email application on Android is, at last, getting the exceptionally foreseen dull mode. After the dispatch of Android 10, clients around the world pummeled Google’s choice of not dressing a portion of its most prominent applications in the dark. The organization, rather than lounging around and rationalizing, forcefully attempted to roll out an improvement and has now begun revealing the mode for Gmail.

The server-side update conveys programming variant v2019.08.18.267 and is presently accessible for a bunch of clients. After refreshing the said programming rendition, clients will discover a Theme choice inside the General settings menu. In the wake of tapping on it, they can pick from Light, Dark.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a famous severe application on Android yet in addition to iOS and work areas. Therefore, it was continually going to get a dull subject on all stages.

Shockingly, the dull topic hasn’t landed on the Android form application, in any event not authoritatively. Whenever intrigued, however, you can even now empower dark mode switch on Chrome for Android by allowing a few banners, yet it tends to be somewhat finicky now and again.

To do this, duplicate the bolded message in the sections (chrome://banners/#enable-android-night-mode), dispatch Google Chrome application on your Android telephone and glue the content in the location bar. Starting from the drop menu, discover the choice to empower Android Chrome UI dull mode and switch it on.

Whenever inspired, you can likewise have the site page substance to go dull by empowering Android web substance dark mode. You’ll need to relaunch Chrome to execute these changes. To cripple the mysterious way in Chrome, incapacitate the banners you allowed previously.


YouTube is another prominent application with a vast number of clients over the globe. With such prominence, YouTube as continually going to be among the first to get the topic include.

Dark topic initially landed on YouTube using the web and iOS, and later came to Android. To empower it on our preferred OS, dispatch the application and open Settings by tapping on your photo in the upper right corner. This should lead you to

Settings > General > Dark subject, where you can flip the mode choice on.


Sitting up there as a standout amongst other console applications there is, the Google Gboard now has topics to make it far and away superior. This component implies that you can likewise utilize Gboard in dull mode, much the same as other Google applications.

To empower dark mode

Gboard, go to

Settings > Theme and pick a dark subject.

Google App

The Google application previously got a mode. Like a couple of others, the Google application doesn’t depend on the framework altogether, which means you needn’t bother with Android Q to appreciate this component on the app.

To empower dull mode in the Google application, open the app and tap on More (base right corner) > Settings > General > Dark topic.

From the three choices, you should go with Always, yet those with Q can adhere to following the framework settings.

Google Phone

The Google Phone application additionally bolsters a  subject. Whenever empowered, all pieces of the Phone application will go dark, be it the contacts, call history, menus, and even the dialer.

Google Phone not just responds to transforms you make to the Google Contacts application, yet additionally, those made to the framework settings.

To empower the dull subject in the Phone application, dispatch it and tap on the 3-speck menu in the upper right corner. Open Settings > Display alternatives > Dark matter and empower it.

Google Contacts

The Google Contacts got an update that adds the dark subject element in the settings menu. This element is autonomous of the framework settings, which means you needn’t bother with a particular OS to empower it.

Talking about, you can turn it on by propelling the Contacts application, tap on the burger menu in the upper left corner and afterward go to Settings > Choose subject > Dark.

Android Messages

Android Messages application is gradually turning into a quintessential form for some out there, particularly since Google is hoping to assume responsibility for RCS. Thus, this application was among the first to pick up help for dull mode, which can be empowered by tapping on the 3-speck menu in the upper right corner and from the choices, tap on Enable mode.

Google Maps

For reasons unknown, Google Maps has night mode just on the route page alone, which means regardless you got the opportunity to manage a white topic in different territories.

To empower night mode, dispatch Maps and tap the cheeseburger menu and tap on Settings > Navigation settings > Map show > Color plot > Night.

Google Photos

Google Photos starting with adaptation 4.18 going ahead, has a night mode. However, empowering it isn’t immediate like the rest. You should initially allow designer choices by opening the telephone Settings > About telephone and tap on the manufacture number on different occasions until you see an affirmation that you are currently an engineer.

From that point, return to the Settings > System > Developer choices > Night mode > Always on.

Google Keep

Google Keep picked up help for the dark mode in May 2019. The component doesn’t spring to life close by the dull framework subject. Instead, you can flip on/off the topic freely using the settings of the application.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar additionally underpins a dull topic, authoritatively. For whatever length that your gadget has Android Nougat or more, you can change to a  mode using Settings > General > Theme and switch on the component.

Concerning those utilizing Android Q, a change to the framework full dull mode will influence the settings of the Calendar application, so be careful.

Google Clock

The Google Clock has a night mode that can be enacted by tapping on the 3-speck menu > Settings > Night mode. This choice is found at the base part of the arrangement page.

Google Drive

Another stock application that previously got a dull subject is Google Drive. In contrast, to Keep, the element is accessible just on gadgets introduced with Android Q.

This implies Drive’s topic is constrained by the global changes to the framework wide dull subject, albeit a few clients guarantee the element deals with Android Pie as well. Tragically, there is still no space for iOS and work area clients of Drive.

Google Calculator

Google has likewise refreshed its Calculator application to help the dull topic. The app has a switch for empowering and handicapping the dark mode from inside without depending on the framework changes.

Just dispatch the application and tap on the 3-dab menu in the upper right corner. From the choices, tap on Choose subject and pick Dark from the rundown of three options accessible.

Google News

Google News additionally jumped onto the ship. The element can be empowered in the settings of the application, which means you needn’t bother with Android Q to enable it. Since it’s a stage for substance utilization, the dull mode on News can be additionally redone to remain turned continuously on or turn on naturally around evening time.

Google Play Games

Google has not overlooked the Google Play Games application. Like other Google applications, this one likewise underpins dark mode that is activated physically utilizing a setting.

To empower mode, go to the flood menu and after that tap Settings > Dark Theme and turn it on utilizing the switch.

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Google has likewise refreshed the prominent Snapseed application with a dull subject that can be empowered through the application’s settings and under Appearance, allow dark topic.

Google Authenticator

The individuals who utilize 2-factor confirmation ought to be comfortable with this one. Also, indeed, the Google Authenticator application has a dark mode that can be empowered using the switch in the flood menu.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a famous launcher; it was never going to linger behind. The application got the element using an update, and far better, it offers a few dark modes. There’s progressively about the Nova Launcher dark mode here, including how to empower it.


To empower dull mode on AccuWeather, tap the 3-spot menu to open Settings > Theme > Dark. You can likewise pick a programmed style with the end goal that flat way turns on and off contingent upon the time.


Other than Gboard, another prominent console is Swiftkey and think about what, it likewise bolsters dark mode. It very well may be empowered by opening the application’s Settings > Themes and select a subject to download.

Facebook Messenger

To empower dark mode, dispatch the Facebook Messenger application and tap on your talk head symbol in the upper left corner. You should see a choice to flip on the dark way on the new page.


Tweeps can empower dull mode also by opening the Settings and security page > Display and sound > Dark mode and enable it.


Clients of protection driven informing application Telegram can likewise empower dull mode through the Settings > Chat settings > Change talk foundation > Color subject > Dark. There’s also the choice to set auto-night mode when you parchment further down the settings.


For the Pocket clients in the house, there’s a dull mode for you as well. It very well may be empowered by tapping on your profile and after that the 3-speck menu in the upper right corner to uncover the Settings. In there, tap on Change Theme and pick the dull mode.


You can empower dull mode in prevalent web recording application PocketCasts as well. This should be possible by tapping the profile tap and after that head to Settings > Appearance > Theme > Dark/Extra Dark.


Your preferred apparatus for cooperation additionally has a dull mode that can be empowered by opening any Chat settings > Theme > Dark.


Mainstream SMS substitution application for Android, Textra, goes above and beyond by offering an adjustable dark mode. To empower it, open the app and hit the alternatives catch in the upper right corner to enter the settings menu. In there, tap on Customize look and change to a  mode. You may likewise change to Night or Pitch Black modes, as you wish.


Skype entered the dark mode party somewhat late, yet preferred late over never. To empower it, dispatch the application and tap your profile photograph, settings, and go to Appearance. In there, you can pick the dull mode you want for and even make a few changes to the visit air pocket shading.

Samsung Internet Browser

The significant number of Samsung Galaxy telephones and tablets sold all around come preinstalled with Samsung Internet Browser, which makes the internet browser a nearby contender to Chrome. What’s more, to shut everything downhole, Samsung took the early activity of adding dull mode to the program in front of Google.

To empower it, tap the burger menu in the base right corner and after that Dark mode — this progression the UI as well as the web content.

VLC Media Player

If you have VLC Media Player introduced, the application has a dark mode as well. To empower it, open the settings by tapping the burger menu in the upper left corner. Under additional settings, tap on Interface > DayNight mode > Black subject.


Tragically, WhatsApp still can’t seem to get support for dull mode. We realize the element is in progress. However, it’s as yet not clear when Facebook plans to move it out. The way that Facebook Messenger previously got the dull mode highlight is confirmation enough that WhatsApp will likewise get it.

Simple Gallery Pro

This is effectively outstanding amongst other Gallery applications that you should attempt. Furthermore, it supports Dark Mode as well. Not just that, the most recent update likewise gives you a chance to set your preferred shade to the route bar so you can set it to a dark shading to go with your dark topic.

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