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Highlighted Comment on YouTube – What does it Mean

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Over the years, YouTube has also gone from being an innocent video hosting platform to a mini social networking service actually. No, it’s nowhere close to Facebook, however, YouTube users do tend to pour out their hearts in the comment section as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Highlighted Comment on YouTube – What does it Mean. Let’s begin!

If you guys are an avid YouTuber, then you’re ought to familiarize yourself along with the different types of comments — and also their meanings — on the platform as well. Today, we’ll tell you about all you have to know about highlighted and pinned comments. Then tell you all you need to know about them as well.

What is a highlighted comment?

Highlighting is basically an automated YouTube feature, that tries to simplify your browsing experience. Irrespective of if you are the creator of the video or regular Joe. Then you can highlight a comment via clicking on the timestamp right next to it.

Plus, if you comment on a video and someone replies, then you’ll get a notification. Either in your Gmail inbox or via YouTube — that someone has replied to your comment as well. When you tap on the notification, you will see the comment as a highlighted comment basically. The logic basically holds true for replies, as well.

If you guys are a creator, highlighting can also make it super easy to reply to individual comments. Highlighted comments also take precedence over pinned comments. That means they appear even above pinned comments as well. All things considered, highlighted comments are only aimed to simplify your browsing experience as well, nothing else.

Are highlighted comments public?

Whenever you highlight a comment, then you’ll see it even above the pinned comment. But, as you may have already guessed, the feature doesn’t really affect how others perceive the comment section. So, no, if you guys highlight a comment, then it won’t show up on others’ machines. YouTube implements it, locally, via creating a special URL. And no one, except the ones that have access to the said URL, can also see your highlighted comment.

How can you undo a highlighted comment?

As discussed in the previous section, YouTube basically creates a special URL for you each time you highlight a comment as well. So, in order to undo the highlight, you’ll only have to restore the URL back to its original state.

In order to remove the comment you highlighted, just simply delete the part starting along with “&lc.” The remaining bit would be the original URL of the video as well. Hit enter in order to reload the page.

What happens when your comment is highlighted?

When someone taps on the timestamp of the comment and highlights it. Then the creator of the said comment would get a notification that their comment has been highlighted as well. So, if someone finds your comment valuable and selects to highlight it, then you’ll get a message that says “Highlighted Reply.”

What does a top comment mean on YouTube?

If you guys re a frequent visitors, then you must have seen that some comments get insane amounts of likes and are shown at the top as well. So, that’s really it: the ‘Top comments’ on YouTube are basically the ones that have accumulated a bunch of likes as well. If you gusy want to see the newest comments instead, then just simply hit the ‘Sort By’ button and select ‘Newest First.’

What happens when your comment is pinned on YouTube?

If a video creator pins your comment on their video, then it means that they found your input invaluable and want the viewers to see it first. Just like that, if you are a creator yourself, then you could select to make a comment — may be promoting your other videos — and also pin it. Whenever pinned, the comment appears as the first comment in the comment section as well.


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