Hilarious Google Assistant Easter Eggs


Are you looking for some hilarious Google Assistant Easter eggs? While you’ve might figure out some essential things your Google Assistant can take care of. But do you know about some hidden fun questions you can ask from Google Assistant? There are few Google Assistant easter eggs that you can try.

Google Assistant can’t just help you to get things done, but also it can entertain you, especially around the holidays.

The AI is loaded with funny responses for all types of hidden commands. These are known as “Easter Eggs,” an amazing feature in the software. Also, they range from Google Assistant’s deepest, darkest thoughts on life to amazing pop culture references. Google Assistant also has Easter-themed responses. Simply try to ask it, “Are you celebrating Easter?” – and you’ll get some amazing responses.

You can also say, “Boo!“. However, there are various other commands you can try, each with several responses. Here are the amazing Google Assistant commands we could find. But if you want the newest Halloween ones, keep moving.

Google Assistant is more flexible, with lots of responses and noises or sounds, and it can turn on games and apps for you to continue having fun.

Google Assistant Easter Eggs -> TV/Film/Pop Culture

Google Assistant

Just like Google, your Google Assistant knows everything about TV, film, and pop culture. You just have to ask. However, rather than of just asking just get a little more creative with these commands:

Okay Google:

  • Who is the kungfu?
  • Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  • Do you speak Spanish
  • Okay Google, up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A.
  • Who is the real Slim Shady?
  • Okay Google, what’s hotter than being hot?
  • Do you want Star Trek or Star Wars?
  • Okay Google, aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?
  • Where is Chuck Norris or the Pacific Ocean?
  • Okay Google, who is the fairest of them all?
  • Okay Google, tell me what you like, what you really, really want.
  • Use the Force.
  • Okay Google, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

Note: Say Ok Google before every command!

Google Assistant Easter Eggs -> Playing Games

Google Assistant Easter Eggs Playing Games

Google Assistant Easter eggs are not just pop culture-related. If you’re getting bore, want a gaming partner, or want to make a decision. Then Google Assistant is here for you with these commands:

Okay Google,

  • Turn a coin.
  • Let’s play Solitaire.
  • Let’s play the Planet Quiz.
  • Okay Google, crystal ball.
  • Okay Google, choose a card.
  • Let’s play Classic Hangman.
  • Okay Google, spin the wheel.
  • Roll a dice.
  • Okay Google, tell me a joke.
  • Okay Google, I’m feeling tired.

Note: Say Ok Google before every command!

Who Is Google Assistant?

Always wanted to know about the Google Assistant or the intelligent voice coming out of your speaker? All you have to do is ask. These more personal Google Assistant Easter eggs probably just make you view your virtual assistant as a person:

Okay Google:

  • Okay Google, want to know about your personality.
  • Are you delicate?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Okay Google, do you eat?
  • Okay Google, do you have feelings?
  • Share your hobbies?
  • Okay Google, what’s your favorite drink?
  • Okay Google, what do you want to eat?
  • Do you have any boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Okay Google, who is your father/mother?
  • Okay Google, what’s your life story?
  • Tell me your friends?
  • Okay Google, what’s your favorite color?
  • Okay Google, what’s your favorite thing on the Internet?
  • What’s your favorite drama?

Note: Say Ok Google before every command!

Random Easter Eggs

Some Google Assistant Easter eggs can’t fit into any category. You can say that they are just kind of random, but no less fun. Just don’t be amazed if you get random responses uisng these commands:

Okay Google:

  • Okay Google, beatbox.
  • Sing a song.
  • Okay Google, can you rap?
  • Okay Google, what’s that smell?
  • Gift me.
  • Okay Google, tell me something that surprised me.
  • Okay Google, get a life.
  • What do you know about Siri?

Note: Say Ok Google before every command!

Interactive commands Or Response:

Google Assistant Easter Eggs

Voice command: OK Google, hey, it’s me.
Assistant’s response: Sure, for that, you can talk to remote interface to consciousness. Does that sound good?

Voice command: OK Google, random fact.
Assistant’s response: *Google Assistant will provide you a random fact.*

Voice command: OK Google,  choose heads or tails.
Assistant’s response: *Google Assistant will provide you a heads or tails response.*

Voice command: OK Google, let’s play a game.
Assistant’s response: OK. I have a few choices for that…

Voice command: OK Google, trivia.
Assistant’s response: Oh yes. This is much better than telling you about the weather. Let me dive into character…

Voice command: OK Google, hey! spin the wheel.
Assistant’s response: Always glad to spin the wheel…

Voice command: OK Google, play the name game with Bingo
Assistant’s response: You got it.

Voice command: OK Google, says the letter.
Assistant’s response: *Google Assistant will recite the letter.*


For now, this list of Google Assistant Easter eggs is enough to play around with. But this isn’t even all of them. Well, Google’s continuously creating new ones for you to interact with. Will you also learn all of Google Assistant’s secrets? Let us know your thoughts below!

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