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How Can I Play Nintendo Gameboy Games On Linux

Play Nintendo Gameboy Games On Linux

If you want to play Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux then stay with us. The VisualBoy Advance Emulation tool provides the best chance for Linux users to play Nintendo Gameboy games. It supports the whole family of Gameboy hand-held gaming consoles, similar to the original Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and the Gameboy Advance. Also, it is compatible with the eReader hardware that Nintendo design for GBA. Come let’s check how to get it executing and Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux.

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How To Install VisualBoy Advance

If you like to install the VisualBoy Advance emulator program on Linux, then it is quite handy. Well, the program offers the mainstream that is compatible with all of the popular Linux OS out there. In this article, you’ll learn how to install or download this emulator on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, and OpenSUSE. Head over to the terminal window and follow the steps that correspond with the OS you use. Dive down below if you want to install Nintendo Gameboy Games On Linux.

Note: VisualBoy Advance support some Linux OSes. Also, it is the best option for Nintendo Gameboy emulation on Linux.


The game VisualBoy is also available for the users of Ubuntu in the main software sources (Universe). Make sure you have Universe enabled. You can then use the Apt package manager tool to simply load up the new version of VBA on your Linux computer.

sudo add-apt-repository universe

sudo apt install visualboyadvance


Debian users have enough time to install the VBA emulation program also it’s in the central software repository. If you want to get it on your Debian setup, input the Apt-get command into the terminal session.

sudo apt-get install visualboyadvance

Arch Linux

Arch Linux users also access to VisualBoy Advance, special thanks to the AUR. If you want to get the emulator working, head over to the terminal and follow the step-by-step guide below to install an emulator for Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux.

Step 1:

Initially, use the Pacman packaging manager to install or download the Git tool and Base-devel.

sudo pacman -S base-devel git
Step 2:

Execute a git clone and then grab the new VBAM package from the AUR.

git clone
Step 3:

Head over to the terminal window in the vbam-git folder with CD.

cd vbam-git
Step 4:

Compile the package and then download it on Arch Linux with makepkg. Remember that when the build fails, you should check to view if dependencies can’t install. You can found the dependency info for the Vbam-git AUR package here.

makepkg -sri


In software sources, Fedora lacks Visualboy. Thankfully, you can easily use it if you set up the RPM Fusion Non-free software source.

To turn on RPM Fusion Non-free, head over to a terminal window and try to do the following with DNF. Follow the step-by-step guide below to install an emulator for Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux.

Note: Modify the X with the Fedora Linux release number.

sudo dnf install -y

With RPM Fusion up and running, you can simply install or download the Virtualboy emulation program with:

sudo dnf install visualboyadvance-m


Well, there is not an official package for Visualboy Advance on OpenSUSE. So, you can use the source code to compile. Also, the installation tool has an automatic dependency installation script that works quite similar to SUSE. If you want to build the source code, head over to a terminal and execute the commands below to install emulator for Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux.

cd ~ && mkdir src && cd src
git clone
cd visualboyadvance-m
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j`nproc`

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How To Play Nintendo Gameboy Games On Linux

Nintendo Gameboy Games

So many game console emulators compatible with one type of system. But Visualboy Advance supports three separate ones. So, here we’ll briefly discuss how to utilize the 3 consoles that the emulator supports (GB Color, GB Classic, and GB Advance) or how to play Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux.

Gameboy Classic

If you want to play Gameboy Classic, tap “File”. You can then choose the “Open GB” button and simply browse for your Gameboy Classic ROM. Then it should quickly start up your Gameboy Classic game whenever you choose the ROM file. Dive down below to check another console to play Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux.

Gameboy Color

If you are wondering to play some Gameboy Color games? Simply choose “File,” tap on the “Open GBC” button. You can then use the file browser to locate the Gameboy Color ROM file.

Using the GBC ROM file loaded up, Visualboy will initiate playing your Gameboy Color game.

Gameboy Advance

Here is another console to play Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux. Those wondering about playing Gameboy Advance can do so after tapping “File.” Then choose the “open” menu option located at the top. After tapping the “open” option, simply set up the file browser and choose a Gameboy Advance ROM in the file browser to play the game.

Modify A Controller

The Gameboy family of games doesn’t feel comfortable playing with the keyboard. So that you might want to set up or use a USB controller to use. If you like to use or set up a controller. Then simply tap the “Options” menu in VBA. Then, indicate the “Input” menu and then tap on the “configure” sub-menu option inside.

Whenever you choose the “configure” option. You’ll then view a controller mapping window that you can use to set up your USB controller manually.

Graphics Options

Gameboy games provide a small resolution, and the default graphics settings are not good to play games on full-screen. But special thanks to VBA and offers an amazing set of display settings that is very easy or simple to tweak.

If you want to access the graphics settings, tap “Options,” then “Video,” then configure to access different video options for the emulator. Resolution is modified in the “Zoom” tab, after improving magnification settings.

Saving Or Loading

If you play a Gameboy game and want to save your progress? Then choose “File,” then “Save State” to easily save your game. If you want to load an earlier game save. Then tap “File,” then the “Load State” option. On the other hand, hit Shift + F1 – F10 to quick-save, and F1 – F10 to quick-load.

Emulation tools are the best and you are not limited to just playing Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux. There are few tools that allow you to play Nintendo DS Games, PlayStation 2 games, Atari Games, and Sony PSP Games on Linux.


Here’s all about ‘play Nintendo Gameboy games on Linux’. I hope you can now understand how to play Nintendo games. If you find it helpful then share it with your friends.

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