How Can I Save An MS Excel Graph As PDF


Save An MS Excel Graph As PDF

Are you looking for a way to save an MS Excel Graph as PDF? PDF is the file format to use whenever you like to publish documents online. PDF is the most commonly used file type found online. Also, you can use it to publish not only documents but also reports, presentations, and catalogs. The only thing with a PDF file is that while the format is very popular the application enables you to create or edit it.

We use Adobe Acrobat very rarely. However, many other applications like Photoshop can be used to compose a PDF file and then export it to the format. Also, many other applications can support exporting to PDF, and MS Office is no different. You can also create a doc in MS Word and then export it as a PDF file. Also, you can export an Excel sheet very easily to PDF. If you’re wondering to export just a single chart or graph but not the whole worksheet to PDF then dive down below.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to save an MS Excel graph as a PDF. Come let’s check how to do that!

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How Can I Save An MS Excel Graph As PDF:

Head over to the MS Excel file you like to export a graph from. Or else open a new file and then just create your graph. Choose the graph you like to export. You don’t want to choose the data columns the graph is generated from but whenever they auto-select, don’t worry about it.

When you select the chart, head over to File>Save As and choose ‘PDF’  from the ‘Save as type dropdown. Specify the file a Name and then tap Save.

However, you can also export the chart as a PDF file. Also, you can export different charts from Excel to a single PDF file but you should take care to arrange or organize them in the correct order in Excel first. Keep in mind that these charts shouldn’t overlap each other nor should they be misaligned or they will export in the same layout.


I hope after reading the tutorial, you can understand how to save an MS Excel graph as a PDF.

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