How can you Refresh Windows 10 – Tutorial


Most of the time, things do not work out quite how we would like them too. Sometimes we need to bite the bullet and then refresh our Windows 10 installs or do a fresh install as well. Thankfully, in Windows 10 it’s really easy. Like, super easy. We just have a couple of things we need to tick off before we go ahead and then pull the trigger. In this article, we are going to talk about How can you Refresh Windows 10 – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

If you are doing a clean install, plug in your Windows installs media. Don’t do anything with it, you just have to plug it in. Windows will need this later on if you’re doing a clean install actually.

  • When you do that, then head down to Start then Settings.
  • Then tap into Update & security.

refresh windows 10

  • In this window, on the left-hand side, look for Recovery.
  • Now under Reset, this PC goes ahead and tap on getting Started.
  • You will now prompt along with two options. Keep my files and then Remove everything. Tap on the one you want to do.

refresh windows 10

Refresh Windows 10

If you guys want a clean install and remove everything, then you’ll need to have your Windows Media plugged in. And go ahead and let it do a full wipe and reinstall of Windows 10 as well.

Your PC will now get things ready, it is also working on what you will need to reinstall through the internet or CD (CD, I know right.)

When you do that, I will now prompt you with what will be removed, take note of this, I’ve forgotten in order to install apps countless times before.

This might pop up for some of you guys. If you have just recently install the Windows 10 – then it will prompt you that you can NOT recover back to Windows 7/8.1. If you do a refresh, keep that in mind when doing this.

Further | refresh windows 10

When Windows is doing its thing, then it will now prompt you to “RESET”. This is death trigger time actually, when you’ve pressed this button then there is no going back. So please make sure you have everything you need. I’m not held responsible for you losing your vast collection of Cat Memes actually.

Now, you guys can also sit back and relax, let Windows do the thing. After some time, it will present you along with a nice clean install or fresh install of Windows 10. Easy, correct?


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