How could Apple improve its iPad Pro line in 2019?

Apple has been the leading company in the tablet market for many years thanks to its different models of iPad Pro. It is an effective device, reliable, resistant, easy to use and with a spectacular design. The harmonious fusion between hardware and software that Apple presumes so much makes the iPad Pro the best tablet in the world. However, it is far from being a perfect tablet.

There are many things that the iPad Pro needs to be the ideal tablet. Technology advances and it is practically impossible for a company to offer a product that has all the innovations of the market. Even so, Apple’s iPad has managed year after year to dominate the sector. And it dominates almost insulting, it is almost ridiculous to think about the competition.

iPad Pro 2018

But, as we said, the third generation iPad Pro is not perfect. Today we will analyze the features of the latest models of iPad Pro in order to elucidate what news will bring the company of the bitten apple to the next-gen tablets of 2019.

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iPad Pro 2019: this could be the fourth generation

iPad Pro

Assuming that Apple continues with its line iPad Pro, and leaving aside other possible nomenclatures, these are some of the new features, features, and hardware that could include the tablet.


The new fourth-generation iPad Pro will include, almost certainly, an A13X chip. Recall that last year Apple implemented A12X Bionic processors so powerful that double the speed of its competitors in the iPad Pro of 2018, improving the A12 chips of the iPhone XS. Something similar could happen this year.

Touch ID

The facial recognition feature Face ID of the iPad Pro of 2018 is wonderful. It is able to recognize the face of a user practically in any angle and position. However, the Touch ID function of the start button is missing. That is why we think that, as the technology already exists, Apple will include a Touch ID integrated into the screen of the new iPad Pro fourth generation of 2019.

Dual camera

Really the inclusion of a camera with two lenses is not strictly necessary in a tablet, especially in a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. In addition, the 12 Mpx camera of the current model is more than enough. However, it is possible that the company chooses to improve the tablet in this regard, offering much more news at the software level.


It is practically impossible for Apple to present an iPad Pro with an OLED screen in 2019. And we do not believe that it will change much of its design. It must be taken into account that in 2018 the company drastically changed the design of its tablet with the removal of the Home button, the reduction in the width of its side frames and other changes in its appearance.

When will the new iPad Pro 2019 be presented?

iPad Pro

A month ago the company of Cupertino launched to the market, almost by surprise and without a special presentation event, new models of iPad mini and iPad Air of 2019 compatible with the Apple Pencil. Two versions of the iPad of medium-high range with processors A10 and A12 Bionic (respectively), a classic design with start button and a very affordable price.

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But the fourth generation iPad Pro will not be released by surprise. You probably have your own presentation event as it has been happening over the past few years. But when will its launch be made? Looking back, we can find out by thinking about the presentation of the tablets of previous generations:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro: September 2015
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro: March 2016
  • Second generation iPad Pro: June 2017
  • Third generation iPad Pro: October 2018

Seeing the dates of presentation, and taking into account that Apple has already updated its Air and mini versions in March, it is likely that we will attend a special event for the iPad Pro 2019 around the months of September or October.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that the iPad Pro 10.5 inches presented in March 2016 were not more than a slightly improved and smaller version of the original iPad Pro. Well, these have been all the features we expect from the new iPad Pro 2019, and what would you like Apple to implement in its new generation tablets?

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