How Much Is My Macbook Pro Worth?


How Much Is My Macbook Pro Worth? MacBook Pro is one of Apple’s most famous and proffered laptops, but for several good reasons. After the exception of some keyboard pitch and tiny issues throughout the years, it’s no doubt one of the best PC for professionals or experts of all kinds. But the issue with any other device we own,  a time comes to sell it or buy a new one for an upgrade. In this guide, you’ll learn or understand which MacBook Pro you want to buy or currently used and check on its trade-in value…

What is the cost of your MacBook Pro?

Well, your MacBook Pro might be worth as much as $1760. As it relies on different factors. It includes the particular version you have, storage size, processor specs, condition, and whether you like cash or store credit.

Check your MacBook Pro’s trade-in value – let’s take a look…

Determine which version you have

The very first thing you want to do while checking how much your particular machine is worth is searching out exactly which version you have. The simplest method to do this is to move to the Apple icon -> About this Mac.

Look trade-in sites for their offers

The MacBook Pro is an official brand name that’s we are viewing for a while. However, there are lots of potential MacBook Pro versions you probably have — all the way from the 1st MacBook Pro to the advanced day 16-inch version. Also, MacBooks is in good condition that holds its value quite well. If you’re good, then you’ll be able to get the best return. Also, it depends on how much work you like to do, an advanced MacBook Pro can get you some good cashback.

The different trade-in sites offer an ever-modifying variation of values for various conditions, but here is a list of trade-in sites that can tell how much value your MacBook Pro recently has. Just move to their sites to figure out how much they’re recently offering:

Newest MacBook Pro trade-in values for April 2020

Every month, we move through some latest trade-in sites to find good deals. Without much ado just come and take a look:

  • MyPhones: $300 cash (Late-2016, base model, good)
  • MyPhones: $350 cash (Mid-2017, base model, good)
  • MyPhones: $300 cash (2016, 13-inch, Touch Bar, good)
  • MyPhones: $400 cash (2017, 13-inch, Touch Bar, good)
  • MyPhones: $500 cash (2018, 13-inch, Touch Bar, good)
  • MyPhones: $750 cash (2018, 15-inch, Touch Bar, good)
  • MyPhones: $850 cash (2019, 15-inch, Touch Bar, good)
  • Apple Trade-In: $300 –  Apple Gift Card (varies, enter serial number)

Sell your MacBook Pro yourself

If you like to put in the effort while selling your Mac laptop yourself, you’ll be able to get highlighted more than any of these trade-in programs that are able to offer. While, selling your MacBook Pro on these sites eBaySwappa, Letgo, or Craigslist will almost get you the cash in return for your used goods.


So that’s all about “How Much Is My Macbook Pro Worth”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Which one is your favorite MacBook Model? Have you found any best trade-in site that you think we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

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