How To Access Satisfactory Console Commands & Cheats


Satisfactory Console Commands & Cheats

In this guide, we will discuss all the satisfactory console commands and cheats used in the Satisfactory game. There are lots of things that you could carry out in this open-world exploration game. Offering a three-dimensional or 3D perspective. However, the game requires you to discover the necessary items that can help you to craft machinery or tools.

Initially, you’ll have to build up the Space Elevator, and then the challenges get more interesting with every passing quest. However, the game beholds tons of cheats, and you don’t need to ask for more. Well, this guide will list all the satisfactory console commands or cheats in the Satisfactory game and the important steps to easily access them. Dive down below to access console commands and cheats!

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All Satisfactory Console Commands & Cheats: How To Access It

Satisfactory Console Commands

How To Access Satisfactory Console Commands & Cheats:

Initially, after you have successfully launched the game, you’ll have to turn on its console. For this purpose, simply use the shortcut key combinations Ctrl + Shift + L. After this, press the Tilde button (~) to easily access the just-enabled console.

Remember that the game doesn’t save the last console state. Every time whenever you launch the game, you’ll have to turn on the console first before you access it. With that said, here are all the satisfactory console commands and cheats in the Satisfactory game that you could start using right away. Jump over the next section for satisfactory console commands and cheats!

Satisfactory Console Commands & Cheats

Here is the list of all satisfactory console commands and cheats!

  • ? – It’ll show a complete list of satisfactory console commands
  • materialFlowAnalysis<item name> – You can use this command to find the items needed for crafting an item in the game
  • r.Atmosphere<0 or 1> – alters the atmosphere – deactivates/activates it
  • r.Fog<0 or 1> – alters the fog or activates/deactivates it
  • r.ViewDistanceScale – The command is used to set up a render distance for things such as rocks, foliage, and trees
  • r.ScreenPercentage [percent] – It is used for setting the internal resolution scale depending on your system build
  • r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight(a number between 0-1) – Use the command to set the current impact of the internal frame on the final image
  • r.TemporalAAFilterSize – You can use the command or cheat to adjust the spread of the TAA samples. If values are less than 1 then it’ll sharpen your picture
  • r.TemporalAASamples<number> – It is used to set various number of samples for TAA to use
  • r.Tonemapper.Sharpen<number> – The command can set the fixed amount of a simple sharpen filter
  • Stat FPS – It can activate the FPS counter in-game
  • Stat Unit – used to show the Frame Time, Draw Time, Game Time, and other stats in-game
  • t.MaxFPS<number> – It can be used to set the maximum framerate
  • Stat Levels – used to show the level streaming info
  • FOV<number> – You can also use it to set the FOV
  • Suicide – You can also use it for game respawn

Can you also enter the console to view the complete list of commands right inside the game? However, the commands like Ghost, Fly, Cheats, GiveItem, and Teleport gave in this list don’t work actually. For now, the satisfactory console commands mentioned in our guide above will work flawlessly!


Here is all about ‘Satisfactory Console Commands & Cheats’. To conclude, the first thing you can do to access the console to enter down the cheats. For this, you want to turn on the console after hitting Ctrl + Shift + L on your keyboard and then access it after hitting the ¬(tilde) button. Then, select the command you want and then enter it into the console. That said, we hope reading the above article has brought some valuable info and help to you. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions by commenting down below!

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