How To Add a Watermark to Google Sheets

Google Sheets can’t support watermark functionality. However, if you like to add a watermark to your Google Sheets, just use a bit of a work-around to get it complete. Also, it must be the last step in your whole work process. However, remember that you’re done using your spreadsheet before doing this.

You’ll want to store your spreadsheet like a PDF first. How to do so?  Head over to File in the ribbon menu at the top, and choose Download > PDF Document (.pdf).

You’ll have to remember the settings fit what you’re searching for. Also, focus on your paper size, orientation and the other choices there.

After satisfying using your settings, tap on the Export button in the top right corner. A prompt appears to confirm your download. Also, accept it, once done installing, simply navigate to the website SodaPDF.

The simplest and easiest way to add watermarks to PDFs is third-party tools. However, there are plenty of different ones, but we want SodaPDF and ILovePDF best. Just upload your PDF to the site, a prompt appears to confirm some settings.

How To Add a Watermark to Google Sheets

You can also select a text watermark or an image (for an image, just set choice to File and upload the image you like to use). Also, set the options as you like them and either type your text or upload your image. You may then choose which pages you like the watermark on. By default, it can be applied to all. But make sure if you want to put it on pages 2-6, for example, you can then use the Range option to put in which pages to add it to.

Otherwise, you can also use the Subset choice to apply it to all Even or Odd page numbers. At last, use the choices listed in 3 sections to get your watermark just right. Also, rotate it, choose how transparent it is using the opacity setting and also select its location on the PDF.

When you’re glad using your choices. Just tap the Add Watermark button. Well, depending on the size of your file, it takes some time for it to be ready. When it is done, a prompt appears to either download or view it. Also, share it with yourself using email.


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