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How to Arm and Disarm Blink Cameras – Tutorial

Camera systems are an innovative solution that helps you to keep an eye on things when you are at home, in the office, or away. The Blink camera system is used to secure houses, offices, and also banks. It is a secret way to keep your eye on things. And to notify yourself of any detected movement in the blink of any eye. However, you can only receive such notifications when you arm your Blink camera. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Arm and Disarm Blink Cameras – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

What is Disarm or Arm Cameras?

Disarming the blinking camera is a process by which you can disable the function of the detection of any movement in front of that camera. This may be when you are on your premises and do not need to be notified about your own movements. Arming a camera is an innovative solution that can be done in the Blink system. This includes manual steps or an automatic feature that enables you to receive notifications any time that your Blink camera detects motion. It became necessary due to cases of insecurity and break-ins. People were worried about being robbed of their belongings and arming Blink cameras solved this problem.

How To Arm and Disarm Blink Cameras

First of all, when you set up your blink system, it remains disarmed since that is its default function. Then you will see two options:  Armed and Disarmed. Armed means turning on the detection of any movement in front of that camera. For this, a motion icon then appears on the side of the screen that will become blue-colored while arming. This blue color shows that the arming process is ON. When any movement is found in front of that camera, then the camera will save a short video clip and send it to the connected mobile device. Then, a motion icon is in blue color.

Disarming a blink camera is the process in which you turn off the detection of any movement in front of the camera. When you click on the Blue Colored Icon, it will convert from the blue color into Grey color. This grey color indicates the disabling of the detection of movement in front of that camera.

Why Should You Arm Your Blink Camera?

The purpose of disarming the blink system is to turn off the notifications of moving bodies in the front of the camera, especially when you are in your household or office. The disarming function is used to secure the house when nobody is present at home. If someone breaks into your house when you are absent and have armed your Blink camera, the camera will save the video clip of the detected movement and then send it to you. You will get the notification on the mobile device that you have linked to the Blink system. You may then take swift action against the intruder.

Stay Secure, Arm Your Camera | Arm and Disarm Blink Cameras

Blink cameras have many advantages since they enhance the security of the premises. One can arm or disarm the blink cameras to meet a specific purpose. Multiple blink cameras have more features other than loading or disabling them. Set up your Blink camera to enable you to get through your day worry-free, knowing that in case of someone trespassing your property, you will get an alert.  Have peace of mind when you are home or away.


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