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How To Block Windows 10 Apps From Making Phone Calls

Do you want to Block Windows 10 Apps From Making Phone Calls? It’s good to hear this that you can also make phone calls using Windows 10 via linked phone and use of the required app. Also, you can configure which apps are enabled to make phone calls via the Settings app. This article covers how to block or enable an app to make phone calls from Windows 10.

You can also get it to the Phone calls privacy page in the Settings app by hitting the Windows key, typing “Phone calls” and hitting enter. There are three settings that configure app permissions to make phone calls.

Tip: All these settings affect Windows Store apps. Desktop applications installed from the internet can’t be managed in this way.

The uppermost setting configures if any accounts on the device are enabled to make phone calls. If this setting is turned off. Also, no accounts can select to allow phone calls without an administrator modifying that setting first. If this setting is turned on, user accounts might allow the feature if they want to. You can apply the setting to all accounts on the device and needs administrative permissions to modify it.

What’s More?

Another setting configures if the current user account enables apps to make phone calls. However, the setting affects only the current user account and doesn’t need the administrative rights to modify it.

Tip: Well, if the user account is configured to enable apps to make phone calls. Then People and Messaging apps both are allowed permissions. You can’t turn off permissions for these apps without turning off phone permissions account-wide – they are important for the app to function.

The page bottom setting enables you to allow apps permission to make calls on an app-by-app basis. Also, it enables you to block the app from being able to make phone calls while giving access to another to do so.


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