How To Cast Slideshow On Chromecast


Cast Slideshow On Chromecast

Do you want to cast a slideshow on Chromecast? The Chromecast can be used to stream media and many applications built with that specific purpose in mind. However, the Chromecast is a tool that you can use to convert an ordinary TV into something more than just a screen. The screen can be updated by pushing or adding a new image to it. On slideshow, you can play and broadcast important information or just something very easy just like a restaurant menu cycle through to a large screen. Come let’s check how you can do just that with or without using either a desktop or a phone. Come let’s check how to cast a slideshow on Chromecast:

How To Cast Slideshow On Chromecast

Cast Slideshow

Follow the methods to cast slideshow on Chromecast:

Cast Slideshow On Chromecast Without A Phone & Desktop

If you don’t have any extra desktop or phone that you can cast pictures from to your Chromecast, you are not without options. All you need to do is to set up the Chromecast and in the Chromecast application sign in to your Google account. Chromecast allows you to select what photos appear as the ‘backdrop’. Just create a new album in Google Photos and choose it from the Chromecast application as a source for backdrop pictures. Then disable all other sources and Chromecast will cycle through the pictures in the album only. Well, it’ll do this in its unused or idle mode.

Cast Slideshow On Chromecast From Phone & Desktop

In this section, we cast slideshow on Chromecast using phone or desktop. If you want to start and cast a slideshow of images from your iPhone, you want an app known as Photo Video Cast. It not only allows you to choose an album to cast images from but also allows you to customize the refresh interval. However, mobile users that have native support for the Chromecast can only use the default Photos app. If you don’t have native support for Chromecast, then try the CastonTV Free app.

For Desktop users, you want a combination of two Google Chrome extensions. These two extensions are Fullscreen Slideshow or Google Cast extension. Simply use the slideshow extension to choose pictures and initiate the slideshow in a Chrome tab. Then cast it through the Google Cast extension.


So, these were some of the best solutions to cast slideshow on Chromecast. I hope you’ll find it helpful. If you have any query regarding this guide or any other solution to get rid of the threat then feel free and let us know below. If you know of any other alternative method then let us know below.

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