How To Change From Wifi To Ethernet On Windows 10

Change From Wifi To Ethernet On Windows 10

Do you want to change from wifi to ethernet on Windows 10? In the past few years, routers were the default way to connect to the Wifi, when we had wireless connectivity or dial-up modems that were louder than car alarms. So we had the choice to choose which connection, of those available, Windows should connect with.

Nowadays, WiFi is the best way to connect to the internet. However, laptops have Ethernet ports and they are still used to connect or plug into the internet. It is quite common enough to view people connected to an Ethernet network. But they still prefer to keep the internet switch on so that they don’t lose Wifi connectivity when they have to step away. If you face the same situation, then come let’s check how you can tell Windows 10 to always connect to the Wifi over the Ethernet network when it’s available and only connect to WiFi when the cable is not connected.

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How To Move From Wifi To Ethernet:

Move From Wifi To Ethernet On Windows 10

Some people prefer Wi-Fi in order to connect to the internet because it does not need physical wires and provides easy access. But, Computing devices such as laptops and desktops still come along with Ethernet ports, and many users widely connect to the Ethernet and also switch their Wi-Fi on. So that they can also toggle between both of them and also get continuous connectivity, whenever needed. Follow the steps to change from Wifi to Ethernet:

  • As it works in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Head over to Control Panel and then tap on Change adapter settings on the left.
  • You will then view the following screen with all networks, Ethernet and WiFi, listed. Press the Alt key to check all menus available for this window. Tap the Advanced menu and tehn choose ‘Advanced Settings…’
  • From the Advanced Settings window, you will then view the connection types listed in the Connections section. Choose a type, in this case, choose Ethernet, and use the arrows at the right to again order it so that Ethernet appears at the top. Then tap ok. Now Windows will prefer the Ethernet network over the Wi-Fi network for connecting to the Wifi

You can always change the connection type order if you don’t want to give the Ethernet preference over the internet. However, the change won’t exactly allow you to go from Ethernet network to Wi-Fi without disconnecting or unplugging. But keep in mind that don’t enable or disable your Wifi to connect over the Ethernet network when the Wi-Fi switch is on as well.


Here’s all about ‘How To Change From Wifi To Ethernet. Is this article helpful? Do you know any other alternative method to move from Wifi to Ethernet? Share your thoughts with us in the comment down the section below. Also, for further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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