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How To Check Blocked Status on Whatsapp

Check Blocked Status on Whatsapp: The best messaging applications used all over the world is WhatsApp. You can send and receive messages and have group chats using Wi-Fi using your friends and connections worldwide. WhatsApp uses your Wi-Fi wireless connection rather than using your mobile data.

Whatsapp is super handy for people who like the capabilities of an instant messenger without all of the additional frills. It seems and acts as closely to normal SMS as possible, but provides you the freedom of messaging over WiFi.

Some users find that they’ve tried messaging one of their contacts, just to find that they aren’t responding anymore. There are some choices as to why someone on Whatsapp can’t respond. However, they could be quite busy, have removed the app, or delete their WhatsApp account simultaneously. Also, it’s possible, however, that you may have been blocked.

Some indicators will enable you to know that you are blocked on the WhatsApp application. In this guide, we’ll move through all of the various possibilities to view if that’s what has happened to you. Come let’s take a look at ‘How To Check Blocked Status on Whatsapp’.


Users who don’t interact with some contacts can block those individuals within the Settings of the application. After opening the app and tapping on the menu on the right-hand side of the app, click on “Settings.”

From there, move down to “Account” and click on “Privacy”. On this page, you can tap on Blocked Contacts.” On the right-hand side of this, you’ll view a person icon having a plus sign next to it. When you’ve clicked on this you can add anyone from your contacts list.

If a user blocked on Whatsapp they will no longer view a culmination of modification that is consistent with being blocked.


There are many indicators or signs that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. However, if the contact doesn’t display their “last seen” or “online status” information, they may have blocked you.

Also, it’s a factor if you or the person in question has updated their privacy settings. Tapping on your own Last Seen privacy settings may affect what you want to view.

Once you check your privacy settings and they are viewable by others and the last time you spoke to said contact theirs were visible. Also, the odds are quite good that you’ve now become blocked.


Another sign is that your profile picture and information are no longer available. Also, you can’t view their online status or stories using the application either.

These signs mean that either you’ve been blocked or the user has removed their WhatsApp account. Also, you think it may be the end you have a friend search for the account using their WhatsApp messenger app. Once the profile comes up then you’ve been blocked.

Also, make sure you must add that some users can’t take the time to update their profile picture. Also, they can’t do they update their activities. If you view the profile then you can send a message. However, it depends on the checkmark you view once sent will provide you an idea if you can communicate with them.


Have you been sharing a person’s messages and only thinks one checkmark beside it? It means that your message sends but the recipient can’t receive and read it. Here’s what is the meaning of checkmark icons.

  • One grayed checkmark: It means that your message has gone through the sending process but can’t deliver yet.
  • Two grayed checkmarks: The checkmark means your message was sent also deliver to your contact.
  • Two blue checkmarks: It means that the recipient received it and viewed it.

Make sure only one gray checkmark next to the message you’ve sent. Also, it’s a good choice that you are on the block list of that person. It means that you send the message to that person, but for whatever reason, it can’t be delivered to their phone.

This can also happen due to poor wifi connection, so it’s best to provide it time and view if the checkmark changes.

WHAT’S MORE (Check Blocked Status on Whatsapp)?

Another amazing feature provided by WhatsApp is the ability to make phone calls. It works fine like regular phone calls, besides that it uses WiFi connection rather than cellular reception. But the good thing is making phone calls on WhatsApp is completely free of cost.

Also, it means that if you call your friend it ring and be answered in the same way as any other phone call. If you blocked for whatever reason, the phone will ring before automatically disconnecting. This is quite similar to when you call your friend whose phone is switched off and you get sent directly to voicemail.

If you calling a contact on Whatsapp several times at various points in the day or week. However, it’s another best sign that you blocked by this individual. For additional assuredness, just try to call another person of your WhatsApp contacts.


WhatsApp enables you to create groups with your contacts. If you select to create a group and attempt to add a contact that provides you an error. Also, it’s good signs that you are blocked.

When a person blocks you then a message saying “Can’t Add Participant” or “Failed to Add” will appear and protects you from chatting with this person. Also, if you view this message it means that you can’t communicate with this contact anymore. Also, it can be attributed to: They’ve blocked you, or they’ve removed their account.

If you are not viewing the online status, contact information, and you can’t add them to a group message you might block.  The simplest way to make sure they haven’t removed their account is to have another user search for their contact.


Here’s all about “Check Blocked Status on Whatsapp”. Have you ever block someone on Whatsapp? Let us know your thoughts below. Also, for further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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