How to Check Bluetooth Battery Monitor in Windows 10

If you guys have peripherals, like a mouse, keyboard, pen, or headphones as well. Then chances are they are connected via Bluetooth, and if you want to check the battery level. Then you typically have to use their software or battery indicator in the peripheral itself as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Check Bluetooth Battery Monitor in Windows 10. Let’s begin!

Since the release of Windows 10 version 1809, you GUYS can check the battery level more instantly using the Settings app. Of course, this is possible only if the Bluetooth device supports this feature actually.

So, in this guide, you’ guys will learn the steps in order to check the battery percentage of your Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, and all other devices on Windows 10.

Check Bluetooth battery Monitor in Windows 10 using Settings

If you want to check the battery level of your compatible Bluetooth devices. Then you have to use these simple steps:

  • First, open Settings on Windows 10.
  • Then tap on Devices.
  • Tap on Bluetooth & other devices.
  • Now under the “Mouse, keyboard, & pen” section, you guys will see a battery percentage indicator on the right side for the Bluetooth device as well.

bluetooth battery monitor

On supported devices, the battery level will update each and every time your device and Bluetooth peripherals are connected actually.

Bluetooth battery monitor

If you guys do not see the battery indicator, then it’s likely because you are not running the supported version of Windows 10. Or your Bluetooth device does not support this feature even.

Please keep that in mind that there are multiple ways through which you guys can show Bluetooth devices’ battery information. But, Windows 10 understands only one of them (Bluetooth Low Energy GATT Battery Service). As such, if your device is not a Bluetooth Low Energy device. (such as Apple’s Magic Mice/Keyboards/Trackpads, all of the headphones/headsets/speakers, and most of the game controllers as well).

Windows 10 will fail than to show their battery information. Even if your device is a Bluetooth Low Energy device or if it uses a different protocol in order to report its battery information. (Such as the example of Mi Band 2 in the screenshot), Windows 10 will not display its battery level as well.


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