How To Choose and Move Multiple Tabs in Google Chrome


Do you want to move multiples tabs in Google Chrome? We all know that Google Chrome is the most popular and amazing web browser. However, it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. However, the lesser-known feature of the browser is the local ability to choose and manage various tabs at once.

During web browsing, many of us open several tabs with different web pages and sites.

As you might already know, the Chrome browser enables managing or organizing the tabs by just dragging them to another point on the tab bar. Or else by moving a tab out of the tab bar to generate a new window using that tab.

Certainly, you probably want to close a lot of tabs in the center or the tab bar or move them to a new window. It is very simple and easy to perform the required operation on many tabs. Here is how you can choose them.

How To Choose & Move Multiple Tabs in Google Chrome:

If you want to move or choose several tabs in the Google Chrome then try to do the following things:

Step 1:

Hit and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard.

Step 2:

Left-tap on the tab you want to choose.

Step 3:

Don’t release the CTRL key, then tap on the other tab you like to choose. You’ll have two tabs selected.

Step 4:

Repeat the steps for all tabs you like to choose.

You can now drag-n-drop the required tabs to the new location on the tab bar. They all moved at once. Right-tap on any of them to view the available commands. They can also apply to all the required tabs.

Also, you can choose a wide variety of tabs. You want to hit and hold the SHIFT key instead.

Choose a range of tabs in Google Chrome.

Step 1:

Tap on the first tab you like to choose.

Step 2:

Hit and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard.

Step 3:

Now, tap on the last tab in the range you like to choose.

Step 4:

The tabs are chosen now.

You also note that other advanced browsers also support this feature. Opera supports the several tab selection features beginning with the model 52. On the other hand, Vivaldi has simple and unique and quite impressive tab management choices such as Tab Stacks, or Visual Tab Cycler, and much more.

Mozilla Firefox also compatibles the same feature in the near future. The team behind the browser working to add it to the stable branch of the browser. However, it is available in the Nightly model of the app.


The option to choose several tabs at the same time in the Chrome browser and run operations on those tabs is quite handy or simple. What are your views regarding this article? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions below!

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