How to Clear Facebook Cache – Tutorial


how to clear facebook cache

Facebook is actually an omnipresent social network that actually follows you wherever you guys go online. Its share widgets are such an important part of the internet that it’s hard to find a website that does not really have them. It’s not just websites that integrate Facebook widgets. Your smartphones and also desktops are no different along with both iOS and macOS that support it natively. Of course, it’s not just your browser that actually tracks you. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Clear Facebook Cache – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

The Facebook app has its own browser and like any browser, it actually has a cache. Facebook does not limit the size of its browser cache so it can get quite big and also cause the app to get sluggish. Here’s how you can also clear the Facebook app browser cache.

How to Clear Facebook Cache – Tutorial

First, open the Facebook app and press the more tab. It’s the one along with the hamburger icon. Scroll down to the very bottom and click on ‘Settings’.

Facebook has actually five different types of settings, however, for this purpose, and click ‘Account Settings’. On the Account Settings page, ad scroll down and press the ‘Browser’ item. The browser item only has just one option; Clear data. Just click on it and your data will be cleared immediately.

The Facebook app browser cache is built whenever you visit links inside the app. Such as, if you guys see a link to a news item from BBC’s Facebook page, and when you visit it. It will add to the browser cache as well. It has nothing to do along with what you like or comment on Facebook. Clearing the cache will not clear all the records of your Facebook activity. It’s all still there and well-documented as well.

Tracking & Privacy

Well, this works only on the current device you have. If you guys use the Facebook app on two separate devices, e.g. An iPhone and an iPad, then you will have to clear the cache on both individuals as well. Clearing the cache on your iPhone will have no impact on the Facebook app on your iPad as well.

This is not going to add much to your privacy actually. If you are visiting links in the Facebook app, it is actually tracking you regardless of the cache. Removing the cache might make the app less sluggish and then it might occupy a little less space on your device. Other than that, it has no advantages. If you guys are concerned about privacy then you might want to quit via Facebook altogether. If that isn’t an option for you i.e., then you guys have to use it for work-related reasons. You can consider signing in to it in a separate browser profile on your desktop in order to keep your routine browsing activity private.


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