How To Combine Or Merge Multiple Folders In Windows 10

Do you wnat to merge multiple folders in Windows 10? Many of us tend to save our files in a separate folder to keep them well organized. For example, a regular computer user can maintain separate folders for music, downloads, documents, videos, and pictures present on their hard drive. As there are times we want to merge or combine files located in separate directories into one single folder. A task like can waste our time, especially if you have several subfolders or folders to combine or merge. Folder Merger is a freeware for Windows that enables you to combine separate folders or subfolders simultaneously and bring the content from all of them into a single folder.

Folder Merger has many usage scenarios. For example, should you need to move your MP3 collection from your computer to your mobile or portable media player, and don’t want any folders to come along. However, Folder Merger can prove to be a big timesaver. Also, it comes quite handy to backup many files scattered across various directories all into one big folder.

The application seems quite simple, and can’t carry any settings or advanced features that would complicate things. To start, you just put the folders that you want to merge under one folder.

Steps To Combine Or Merge Multiple Folders In Windows 10: 

Merge Multiple Folders

Step 1:

Tap the ‘Browse root directory’ button and then choose the input folder having all folders that you want to merge.

You will then check that Folder Merger will automatically show a list of files saved within all subfolders of that main directory. It also displays the path where each file is located within the subdirectories.

Step 2:

Then, tap the ‘Browse destination folder’ button and select the folder where you like all the files to go.

Step 3:

At last, tap the ‘Merge Now’ button just to begin the merging process. The time taken by the app for combining the folders may vary between a few seconds for a few minutes. As it depends on the size or number of files in the folders that you’re combining. Though generally, it’s very fast.

In short, it’s an essential app with no learning curve, and it does a good job while combining some folders for a few seconds. It works on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.


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