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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PC

Do you want to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC? While connecting Bluetooth devices on Windows 10 is probably the same. You move to the Settings app, or the Control Panel, look for the correct settings screen and add a Bluetooth device. However, for Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, phones, mouse, and headphones, the process is quite the same. There are also exceptions and you will find it’s not easy to attach Bluetooth headphones on Windows 10. The issue is less in Windows 10 but more in your headset.

Basic Checks

Make sure;

  • On Windows 10 Bluetooth is properly set up. If you are facing Bluetooth issues with other devices, you want to resolve them before you connecting a device.
  • Remember the device i.e. the Bluetooth headphones are charged properly. Also, remember it isn’t paired and attached to a different device such as your phone.
  • Also, put your device in range.

What You Want

You want;

  • Bluetooth headphones on hand
  • Bluetooth headphones manual. You might find it online if when once you lost the one that came with it.

Pairing Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones aren’t particular for use with phones. However, anything that can connect via Bluetooth devices can also connect or pair with your headphones. If you want to keep Bluetooth headphones from connecting or pairing with unauthorized devices. Also, they certainly have a way to authenticate the connection. Often, it’s authenticated by hitting, or hitting and holding a button on the headphones. This is where your manual headphones’ comes in. View under the section saying you how to pair it. The directions might be for a phone, but they’ll work perfectly for other devices.

Connecting On Windows 10

You can also connect Bluetooth headphones from both the Control Panel app and the Settings app. While using the Settings app, just open it and move to the Devices group of settings. Choose Bluetooth & other devices.

If you like to connect through the Control Panel app. Just head over to File Explorer and CTRL+V the following in the location bar:

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

On both the Control Panel app or Settings app, simply view the Add Device button. When Windows 10 starts to search for the device, simply enter pairing mode on your device. Hit the button, or hit and hold button that puts your headphones in pairing mode. Windows 10 can’t detect the device until it’s in pair mode.

Also, you must be able to connect Bluetooth headphones from both the Control Panel app or the Settings app. Also, if one fails you simply try to connect from the other app.


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