How To Convert Your Smartphone Into Thermometer

Do you want to convert your smartphone into a thermometer? It’s across the whole of India that after Chikungunya or dengue-like fever had a great impact, many cases of viral fever have been spread widely. How about the mobile helping you to take precautionary measures to fight this viral fever?

Many medical practitioners have claimed that widespread viral fever can affect the group and the children. However, our mobile can play an essential role in controlling these and save our lives.

Why smartphones don’t have thermometers?

Of course, Androids are very difficult and capable than a basic digital thermometer. The problem here is not that manufacturers can’t fit yet another sensor. Also, mobiles have various thermosensors already. They can measure the temperatures of the chips or battery, securing disaster in case if something went wrong.

After measuring the temperature from a device that’s moving through periods of heating up and cooling down is a complex business. It is almost impossible to do accurately.

Convert Your Smartphone Into Thermometer

Convert Your Smartphone Into Thermometer

Nowadays mobile phones offer various apps to check the weather, find the latest forecasts or also get a notification when it’s about to snow or rain. But no app can explain to you exactly what the temperature is right where you stand.

Using the right app, your tablet or smartphone can function as a thermometer through your device’s built-in temperature sensor. However, if your mobile device is not equipped with a temperature sensor then there is still a way to get a good temperature reading for the surrounding air.

Mobiles are Really Getting Smarter

Having the best app on your mobile can save you from being can be affected by viral fever. You can then make it function as a thermometer.

Smart Thermometer

Samrt Thermometer

This app also uses the temperature sensors of mobile to display the temperature on the smartphone. Smart Thermometer app also offers an amazing package that adds charts with historical data of the mobile along with the smartphone readings and better widgets.

It is the full HD designed app best work in devices having a good GPS and a wifi connection.

Download: Smart Thermometer

Free Thermometer

Free Thermometer

Having an ambient sensor installed on a mobile is a benefit. Also, the device has to be left for an hour in standby mode to get proper data. However, the data read by the app are display in Celsius, with some modification in the settings option that can modify it into Fahrenheit as well.

Download: Free Thermometer

Fingerprint Thermometer

Fingerprint thermometer

Fingerprint Thermometer is a mobile android app that measures the exact temperature rate monitor app for any mobile. After using the app can optimize your health and track your fever.

If you want to get an accurate reading hold the index finger on the fingerprint scanner consistently until the whole measuring process is conducted. If you are not using the app correctly then it might produce a false reading.

Download: Fingerprint Thermometer

iTriage Health


iTriage provides the user with quick access to both medical or healthcare databases within your mobile.

Using the app, the user can find health-related signs, get an insight into potential reasons, and also help them the best treatment, doctor, or health facility.

iTriage enables the user to check for doctors, make appointments, and get clear healthcare information to lead a good life.

Modern thermometer

modern thermometer

Modern thermometer is also available in the play store is a professional tool for measuring temperature. The app has built-in sensors and enables you to show the accurate temperature in both Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Download: Modern Thermometer

Electronic Thermometer HD

Convert Your Smartphone Into Thermometer

This app displays the air temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Also, you can use it as a widget for your home screen. If you want to calibrate, simply set the device temperature to the temperature outside, that you can get directly from the weather forecast. Take note, however, that if your smartphone is not equipped with a temperature sensor. Electronic Thermometer HD also uses the built-in sensor that comes with the electronic subassembly parts like the battery.

Download: Electronic Thermometer HD


Thermometer-Convert Your Smartphone Into Thermometer

From the software developer, Borce Trajkovski comes a thermometer app that uses a classic analog thermometer design. Just like Electronic Thermometer HD, it shows the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Download: Thermometer

Thermometer Designed By Heaveen

Thermometer-Convert Your Smartphone Into Thermometer

Here is another amazing and free thermometer app to consider installing on your mobile or tablet. However, the set of simple calibration steps will guide you once you first open this app. Just follow through just to get a more accurate temperature reading.

Download: Thermometer

Thermometer Plus

Thermometer Plus-Convert Your Smartphone Into Thermometer

The Thermometer Plus app allows you to measure altitude, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, and relative humidity on your mobile device. If you want to obtain a more accurate reading, position your smartphone device away from magnets, heat sources, and wiring.

Download: Thermometer Plus


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