How To Delete Contact Info From Google Profile Card

Do you want to delete contact info from Google Profile Card? Have you ever try to check that while searching for businesses, celebrities, business owners you often end up viewing their profile presented in a tabulated format with all the relevant details? Google introduce a feature called Google Profile card. Just to make the search more refined and easy to understand. Google also enables you to create your own profile card very easily. But there are many chances are that you have already done that if you are here. If not, then move to our easy article for creating your own profile card on Google.

However, Google Profile cards can also end up being difficult. Especially when we have your contact information online. However, your email id and the number end up on the advertiser’s lists. But still, you could result in getting lots of advertisement calls and emails in a day.

Delete Your Contact Information From Your Google Profile Card:

Here is an easy way to delete your contact information from your Google Profile card. Simply follow our step by step article below.

Before you start, remember you have an Android or iOS device. Also, you are logged in to your Google account on the device. You must remember that the ‘Web & App Activity’ is enabled in your settings.

Note: Remember editing and creating your profile card is only compatible with mobile devices. But we only expect support for desktop browsers to reach soon.

Step 1:

Firstly, Visit the website i.e ‘’ from your Android device.

Step 2:

Now search for ‘edit my search card’.

Step 3:

When your Google Profile Card appears at the top of your search results, simply click on the edit icon.

Step 4:

Now choose your contact info in the respective field and just remove it. Leave the field blank.

Step 5:

Click on ‘preview’ to view how your profile card will look after the required changes.

Step 6:

If all looks good, just click on save.

Now your contact info successfully erased from your profile card.


Here’s all about delete contact info from Google Profile Card. Is this article help you? Have you ever experience using Google profile cards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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