How to Detect Keylogger on Android – Tutorial


how to detect keylogger on android

Let’s now admit, smartphones are really amazing pieces of technology. Nowadays, smartphones are here to carry out different things such as communicating along with friends, listen to music, play games, capture photos, as well. Android is right now the most famous mobile operating system and its right now powering millions of smartphones. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Detect Keylogger on Android – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

Smartphones, today, are actually more than a device used for communication. They are sophisticated devices that save a lot of powerful, personal, and sensitive information of their owners as well. From photographs to documents, the information contains in a mobile phone is actually enormous. No doubt that mobile devices have become the primary target of hackers and cybercriminals. It has become really important for mobile phone users to aware of cyber threats and alerts to make sure their security not compromise.

Cell phone spy software (i.e. spyware) has also become one of the greatest threats to the privacy of your mobile data and also the functioning of your mobile phone. Unbeknownst to many users, these apps are now able to access your text messages, e-mail, call history, location, and you can also record your voice calls in some instances. Now, these apps can easily install on your phone without even your consent. Or, mostly, you install them without knowledge of all of their functions. That said, knowing about the presence of spyware and how you can remove it is necessary for all end users.

What is Android Keylogger? | how to detect keylogger on android

Well, just like computer keyloggers, Android keyloggers are nothing more than a piece of software that was there to record your keystrokes actually. Hackers can also install a keylogger on your smartphone silently or remotely and it will grab all of your data from your smartphone. Such as text messages, call logs, save notes, browsing details, passwords, etc.

Hackers mostly attempt to push keylogger through keyboard apps. So, we now recommend you to stay away from third-party keyboard apps and stick along with the stock one.

Keyloggers basically come in at least two broad flavors—hardware devices and the more familiar software variety. Hardware devices can actually embed in the internal PC hardware itself. Or be an inconspicuous plugin that actually secretly inserts into the keyboard port between the CPU box and also the keyboard cable. So that it intercepts all the signals when you type. However, that means that the cybercriminal has to have physical access to the PC when you’re not present in order to plant the hardware keyloggers actually.

Software keyloggers are actually much easier to introduce to and install on victims’ devices. That is why that variety is much more common as well. Unlike other kinds of malware, software keyloggers are not a threat to the systems they actually infect themselves. In fact, the entire point of keyloggers is to work behind the scenes, sniffing out the keystrokes when the computer continues to operate normally. However, even if they actually do not harm the hardware, keyloggers are definitely a threat to the users. Especially when they steal the data pertinent to any number of online payment systems actually.

How Keystroke Logging Works | how to detect keylogger on android

Keystroke logging is basically an act of tracking and recording each and every keystroke entry made on a PC. Mostly without the permission or knowledge of the user. A “keystroke” is just any interaction you make along with a button on your keyboard.

Keystrokes are how you “speak” to your PC. Every keystroke transmits a signal that basically tells your computer programs what you want them to do.

These commands basically include:

  • Length of the keypress
  • Time of keypress
  • Velocity of keypress
  • Use the Name of the key

Whenever logged, all of this information is like listening to a private conversation. You believe that you’re only “talking” with your device, however, another person listened and wrote down everything you said as well.

User behaviors and private data can also easily be assembled from logged keystrokes. Each and everything from online banking access to social security numbers is entered into PCs. Social media, email, websites visited, and also even text messages sent can all be highly revealing as well.

How to Detect Keylogger on Android – Tutorial

Below are some of the best methods in order to find and remove hidden keyloggers from your Android smartphone. So, let’s now check out how can you remove those keyloggers from your Android smartphone.

Find The Source

The most first step for you is to know how keyloggers enter smartphones actually. One is if anyone uses your device and then inserts the bad script inside it actually. Another one is that the apps that you install from the third-party sources include the malware along with the keyloggers as well. You should identify via yourself if or not you have any suspect from both of these if any then it can become a lot easier in order to delete the keyloggers.

how to detect keylogger on android

Check For Unusual Activities

The second thing is that you should check for unfamiliar and also suspicious things happen on your device. Like any script is actually causing your device in order to reboot mostly or any kind of numbers tend to appear on the screen. You also have to look for suspicious apps. Well, if anything like this is happening then again it is the sign that your device is conquering through the keyloggers.

Via Antimalware | how to detect keylogger on android

Well, how can you remove the keyloggers then? This is really simple first of all use any antivirus app and then scan for the malware. If the antivirus app finds any malware, then remove it. Secondly, find the app that actually is using a lot of data even in the background. Now uninstall that app and then just restart your device. All of this will surely help in order to remove any kind of keyloggers on your device.

After you guys remove the keylogger or spyware app, then make sure to download and then install a proper antimalware app. We now recommend the use of Malwarebytes to secure your Android device from security threats such as spyware, keyloggers, etc.

Check File Manager & Download Folder

Just look inside the file manager for each of the folders and now find if there are any hidden files that might be the keylogger, just remove that actually. This can be time-consuming, however, as you know your device will become safer to use in the end. Also, just check the installed apps section of your Android. If you guys find any suspicious apps, just remove them as soon as possible.


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