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How to Do Instagram Anonymous Questions

instagram anonymous questions

Instagram is a really great platform, both, for socializing as well as promoting too. Over the years Instagram has also added a number of features in order to help captivate your audience and engage along with them better. One of these options has been interactive story stickers as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Do Instagram Anonymous Questions. Let’s begin!

What are anonymous questions on Instagram?

You guys have probably seen users on Instagram using the Anonymous questions sticker on their stories right. Both questions and polls are applicable to your Instagram story in the form of stickers actually.

When you add to your story, users can type in questions that they would like to ask you. The question sticker can also be edited to say what you like. Such as, ‘Ask me something you don’t know about me’. The line is followed via a textbox into which users can type in their questions as well. By default, the questions are only sent to the person whose story they are actually typing on. In order to answer the questions sent to you, you guys must create a new story with a text box. The Anonymous questions function does not really have a section for the creator to answer in.

Are the questions truly anonymous?

Instagram questions are not really anonymous actually. There is also some confusion surrounding the term anonymous with regard to the Instagram stickers. Whenever you use a question sticker, then anyone in your Followers list (or anyone in general, relying on your type of profile) can type out a question in the box as well.

Whenever you ask a question, the person whom you ask it to can actually view your profile name. That means the person whose sticker you type on also knows who asked the question.

If you select to answer the question publicly, then you can post the question to your story. Whenever you post this question to your story, then the name of the person who asked the question is not mentioned (anonymous) as well.

Here is an example in order to explain it better. Z basically added the anonymous question sticker to his Instagram story. X typed in a question in order to ask Z. Z can see that X asked the question now. But, when Z posts X’s question on his story (to answer it), Z’s name will not be mentioned there.

How to Do Instagram Anonymous Questions

It is really easy to add an anonymous question to your Instagram story. First, you have to create an Instagram story. To do this open the Instagram app and then swipe right in order to reach your camera page. Now either tap on a picture to set as your background or swipe up and select one from your gallery.

When you have your background, you can then add your question sticker. Press the sticker icon on the top panel. Now you can use the search bar at the top in order to search for ‘question’. Press the ‘Questions’ sticker to add it to your story as well.

How to edit the Questions sticker

By default, the sticker basically comes with the tag ‘Ask me a question. HowevButer, you can change this to whatever you guys like. To change the text on the sticker, just simply tap anywhere on the sticker. Delete the old text, and then add your own!

When you’re done adding text, then just click anywhere in the background in order to apply the changes.

How can you change the color of the sticker?

Most of the interaction stickers available on Instagram can also be edited to feature different colors as well. This is basically to help them better fit into your story background as well.

In order to change the color of the question sticker, you have to click on the sticker, then press the color palette at the top of the screen. Each and every time you tap the palette the color will change. There are nine colors you can choose from. By default, the sticker appears in white as well.

How to view your anonymous questions | Instagram anonymous questions

Surprisingly, questions typed into your sticker do not really appear in your DMs. In fact, you do not even receive a notification whenever someone sends you a question. The only way you can check your questions is via going to your story.

Tap on your story in order to view the one with your Questions sticker. Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen as well. Under ‘Responses’ you guys will see all the questions that have asked, and from whom. Scroll left and right in order to view all the questions.

How can you reply to anonymous questions? | Instagram anonymous questions

You guys can view all the responses to your Questions sticker via the guide above. If you so choose, then you can reply to the questions (that is kind of the point of the sticker).

There are basically two ways in order to reply to a question. You can reply to the person who basically asked the question, via sending them a DM. In order to do so, tap ‘Reply’ under the question and choose ‘Send Message’. The person will receive your answer in their DM tab as well.

instagram anonymous questions

You can also post the question to your story, and then type out a reply. This way all of your followers can read your answer. In order to post a question to your story, click on ‘Reply’ then ‘Share Response’. This will basically create a new story with the question.

Note: The name of the user who basically asked the question will not be mentioned. Because your followers do not know who asked the question, the questions are dubbed ‘anonymous’ actually.

You can also answer the question via adding a text box with your reply. Post your answer to your story as you guys normally would.


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