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How To Download iOS 131.5 Beta

Have you ever try to download iOS 131.5 Beta? If you are searching for the announced iOS 13.5. You are then in for not-so-great news. However, Last week developers announced that they are not working on the iOS 13.5 software launches. Rather than, they start on iOS 14.0. But don’t fret, however, as they have launched iOS 13.5’s twin, the iOS 13.4.1. However, the official announcement happens during a developer conference this year. Also, it does still not harden because of the current global pandemic. However, the conference might be an online event for the 1st time in its history.

iOS 13.4.1 Features

The iOS 13.4.1 beta OS is now available to install for both developers and daily users. Officially the iOS 13 operating system functionalities come to an end. The following subversions of the iOS 13 are just launches perfecting bugs that occurred in the previous models on a more stable platform. Also, make sure that once you update iOS software, you can’t move back to your earlier versions like with android.

The iOS 13.4.1 beta was launched on 23rd April 2020. Also, it has many new features added like sharing folder on the trackpad, iCloud, and mouse support. However, if you are upset about the iOS 13.5 absence of launch, just check the features of its twin.

Brighter Flashlight

Some 4th-generation 12.9-inch and 2nd-generation 11-inch iPad Pro users had problems while trying to access their Android flashlight by tapping the flashlight icon or locked screen. This is assumed to enable the flashlight, but it didn’t. This bug has been resolved.

Face Time Fixed

This launch has taken care of the problem where iOS 13.4 users can’t face time with apple phones having OS iOS 9 or less. There are some methods to learn how to update your iPad,  iPhone, or iPod touch to iOS 13.4.1 wirelessly or using your PC manually. It is suggested to recover all your files to iCloud (make a backup folder of your phone) before you going to update your Android or device.

How to Download iOS 131.5 Beta

If your mobile settings display an update available. Then charge your Android and connect it to the internet or remember you have enough data and navigate to phone settings. In settings, tap on General>Software update. This will show a button with Install and Download. Tapping on this button will install and download the iOS 13.4.1 for you. If your device space is limited, then you might be prompted to temporarily delete apps due to the software wants more space for the update. Tap on Continue. As it uninstalls some apps that are taking more space. Later these apps can be reinstalled. Also, you can stop the process and manually free up space. If you tap on cancel then here is what to do.

Once done, move ahead and tap on install. This will initiate updating your OS to the newest iOS 13.4.1. You can’t use your mobile at this time. If you are busy for whatever reason at the moment you can choose later and install at a reminder and your phone will automatically begin updating at midnight.

Automatic Updates

While using an Apple OS that is 12 or later model. Simply update your mobile automatically. Just move to Automatic Update by tapping settings. Then move to general or Software Update. This can’t always install all updates and some might want to be installed manually.

Using a PC

If you want to migrate to iOS 13.4.1 using your PC (this is the last choice if your mobile can’t update automatically or wirelessly). Simply connect your PC to Ethernet or Wi-Fi network before you update.

If your PC is a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 and earlier, or on a computer then head over to iTunes. If it’s a mac using macOS Catalina 10.15, then move to Finder. Connect your Android device to the PC and locate your mobile on the PC. Also, connect your android device to the PC and find your phones on the PC. Then navigate to General or Settings and verify for Updates. Here you’ll be prompted to install and update, tap on it.

If you don’t know how to add your device on your PC. Tap here.


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