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How To Download Messages From iCloud

Have you ever try to download messages from iCloud? iCloud Messages saves your iMessages in Apple’s cloud servers besides on each of your individual devices, which has lots of advantages.

While receiving a message on one device. It displays up on all devices that are logged into the same ‌iCloud‌ account. Also, when you remove messages and chat they are quickly erased from all your devices.

Another benefit of the feature is that your texts, images, and other text attachments are saved in ‌iCloud‌. Also, it frees up some storage on your devices. In addition, all your texts seem when you sign in to the latest device using the same ‌iCloud‌ account.

If you want to ensure that ‌‌iCloud‌ Messages‌ are enabled for you, then follow these steps.

How to Turn On ‌Messages‌ in ‌iCloud‌ on iOS

Always remember that iOS 11.4 or later must be executing on your device for the feature to work.

Step 1:

If you haven’t already, turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Apple account.

Step 2:

Then launch the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone.

Step 3:

Click your name in the banner located at the top.

Step 4:

Click ‌iCloud‌.

Step 5:

Remember the switch located next to ‌Messages‌ is toggled to its green ON position.

How to Turn On ‌Messages‌ in ‌iCloud‌ on Mac

Make sure that ‌iCloud‌ Messages‌ works only on Macs running macOS High Sierra (10.13.5) or later.

Step 1:

Initially, launch the ‌Messages‌ app on your Mac. Then find it in the Applications folder. It can also be present in the Dock on new Macs.

Step 2:

If you are using Mac ‌Messages‌ first time, you’ll be asked to sign in. Type the same Apple ID that you use via ‌Messages‌ on your ‌iPhone‌ and other devices of Apple.

Step 3:

While having a two-step or 2FA enabled for your ‌Apple ID‌, simply input your verification code.

Step 4:

Choose ‌Messages‌ -> Preferences… in the menu bar.

Step 5:

Choose the iMessage tab.

Step 6:

Mark the box that is located next to Enable ‌Messages‌ in ‌iCloud‌.

Resolve Stuck Message Downloads

When you turn on ‌Messages‌ in ‌iCloud‌, your device will initiate installing or downloading messages from other devices. However, it takes only a few minutes, but some users have claimed that it can take hours. Or alternatively, move on indefinitely when if it’s stuck. If you are facing this issue, here are some things that you can try to fix it.

Step 1:

Make sure that servers of Apple’s ‌iCloud‌ are operating normally. You can also find out the status of Apple’s services by moving to the System Status website.

Step 2:

Double-mark that all the devices are logged into the same ‌Apple ID‌ / ‌iCloud‌ account.

Step 3:

Turn off ‌Messages‌ in ‌iCloud‌, then again enable it.

Step 4:

Again restart your devices.

Step 5:

On your devices, just sign out of ‌iCloud‌, wait a while, then sign back in again. If you want to log out on iOS. Then head over to the Settings app, click the banner with your name located at the top. Then move down and click Sign Out. On Mac, head over to ystem Preferences, tap the ‌iCloud‌ pane, then choose Sign Out.

With ‌messages in ‌iCloud‌ turned on. You might want to be more careful when it comes to removing messages. When they’re gone on one device, then they are gone from all your devices. You’ll get a confirmation message while removing whole threads of messages. But person messages can’t offer this prompt, so that’s just something to remember.


Here’s all about ”Download Messages From iCloud”. Is this article helpful? Have you ever face any issues while downloading messages from iCloud? Have you found any other alternative that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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