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How To Erase Stickers and Filters From Old Snaps

Do you want to erase stickers and filters from old snaps? There are several times when I have ever seen a filter that I had no idea how that person got. However, I move through already loaded filters seeing for it to no avail. You can submit your own filters you’ve made. But there is also a gallery having filters that other people on Snapchat have made for your personal use. It’s a wonderful feature that Snapchat provides.

But, it’s been a while when Snapchat launched, and if you were a member of its early stages, then you have also a lot of old Snaps stored in your Memories. However, those Snaps might have a lot of stickers, filters, and even date stamps!

Just like fashion, stickers and filters also go out of style. Hopefully, there is a technique to reuse your previous snaps while getting rid of those filters.

Edit Snap

Memories feature was released in 2016 as part of a big update to the Snapchat app. It allows you to store your snaps to a folder within Snapchat itself. These are lots of snaps that you can edit and send out. Any snaps saved to your memories over the years can be edited to erase shameful stickers, filters, etc.

However, pictures are stored to your mobile (local storage) cannot be edited. Well, they can be, you can’t erase the original filters. Also, you can edit snaps stored in your ‘My Eyes Only’ folder.

Add old snaps

All stored snaps (if stored to memories) can be accessed from your Memories folder. The pictures are managed by the date they were stored (or sent) with the recent ones at the top.

Step 1:

If you want to access your memories, simply launch the Snapchat app, then move up at the camera screen.

Step 2:

Simply use the slider on the right to place the month and year of the image that you are searching for.

Step 3:

If you want to locate a snap from your My Eyes Only folder, simply click the My Eyes Only tab on the top panel, then input your passcode.

Edit old snap

After locating your snap, you can simply edit it to erase any add-ons that were included in the original snap. Make sure you can also edit snaps that were stored in your Memories.

Stickers and Filters From Old Snaps

Choose the snap from your memories. Now click and hold anywhere on the picture. In the pop-up menu, choose ‘Edit Snap’. You can now erase various edits that you made to the old snap.

Erase Stickers

If you want to erase a sticker, click and hold on it, then add it to the trash can in the right-side panel. Also, click and drag all the stickers that you want to get rid of, and throw them in the trash.

Erase drawing

If you want to erase anything that you can draw on the snap. However, you want to use the undo button. Click the ‘Draw’ button located in the side panel, then click the ‘Undo’ button. Keep clicking the undo button until all the drawings have been removed.

Erase text

There are two alternative methods to erase text added to a snap. You can also click and drag it to the trash can such as stickers, or click the message and remove it using backspace.

Erase filters

If you want to erase any filters, just swipe right or left on the snap, till you want the ‘no filter’ option. Note: Unfortunately, Face masks can’t be erased.


Here’s all about ” Erase Stickers and Filters From Old Snaps”. If you are facing any issue then let us know. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Do you know any other alternative method that we can’t cover in this guide?

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