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How To Find Lost Firestick Remote

Do you want to find the lost firestick remote? “It’s probably under the bed”, that’s the common response you’d get after forget ANY remote like Fire TV Stick remote. After searching everywhere and you can’t find your Firestick remote. Then don’t fret not all hope is lost. There are still some best tricks that can help you to find your lost Fire TV Stick even without a physical remote. Here is a complete list of all the possible cases where you can use Fire TV Stick after losing the FireStick remote. Let’s get begin.

Understanding Issue

Fire TV Stick works on an internet connection and after you set up the device for the first time, you can then use the remote to move to the interface to save the WiFi credentials on your device. However, after you lose your remote, the Fire TV Stick still power on and connect to the internet. But because of a lack of remote, you can’t do anything.

This situation becomes worst if you move away from your domain range that can happen if you take the FireStick somewhere with you and don’t know where is it at home or lost it. I tried to resolve this issue and listed a few methods to use your FireStick if you ever lost or forgot your Fire TV Stick remote.

Tricks To Find Lost Firestick Remote

Situation 1: When Firestick Remote Lost In House

Lost Firestick Remote

For those who don’t know, you can use your mobile to control or navigate the FireStick. If you’re using the same network and your firestick is connected to. You can then just log in to the application and initiated using your mobile as a fully functional remote.

Initially, install the Fire TV app by moving to Play Store or the App Store. After installing or downloading the app, just launch it from the app drawer. Now, if you’re on the same network, then your firestick pops up automatically on the application without any login. After you click on the Fire TV Stick on your mobile, it’ll prompt you to input a 4 digit PIN on the app.

However, the code will be shown on the TV, input the code to connect the Fire TV remote application to your FireStick.

Now, Everything is successfully set up. Well, it is the digital remote for the FireStick and you can then swipe on the blank area to simulate arrow keys and click to choose. You can move to settings, use Alexa, input URLs with the inbuilt keyboard, etc, using the remote app.

The app is the best option for the older remote and you can then use it whenever you can’t find your remote.

Situation 2: When You Lose It Away From Home

How To Find

Connecting the mobile app using the Fire TV Stick was simple as it was attached to your Home Wi-Fi. However, if you’re away from the house and forgot your firestick remote then don’t fret…

You want one mobile to act as the remote for the Firestick and we’ll want one other device that creates a WiFi hotspot. Unfortunately, iPhone’s hotspot name can’t be modified so I’d recommend you either use a Windows computer, Mac computer, or an Android smartphone with a working Wi-Fi connection.

Then install the Fire TV app on your mobile, then log in using your Amazon credentials, and keep it aside. This other step is crucial to make the entire process work. We’re trying to create a Wifi hotspot using the same credentials as your home Wifi. The Wifi password or name are both case-sensitive so make a hotspot.

Now create a new hotspot using the same password or name your firestick was earlier connected to. After this, connect your Fire TV Stick to the TV and switch it on. It should connect to the Wifi hotspot automatically. Then Connect your other mobile to the same network.

That’s all, your Fire TV Stick can automatically pop up on your Fire TV remote through the hotspot you just created. However, you can also modify the WiFi now if you’re trying to use the FireStick at the new place.

Head over to the Settings on the Fire TV Stick > move to Network > choose the Wifi Network > input the password.

Situation 3: Use Earlier-Gen Firestick Remote

Firestick Remote

Amazon Fire TV Stick also comes with the previous compatibility. It means you can just take an old Fire TV Stick’s remote. Then use it as your default. The earlier-gen remote does not contain some buttons, so if you’re trying to use the earlier-gen remote on the 4K Firestick then you’ll miss out on those buttons. Rather than that, it works on the same.

If you want to pair the earlier-gen remote with the latest FireStick. Just hit and hold the Home. Then back or left arrow key buttons at the same time for a few seconds, and then restart your FireStick. The latest remote will pair automatically once you reboot.

Situation 4: Use Your TV’s Remote To Control FireStick

Use same Wifi network

Some Smart TVs come with Consumer Electronics Control or HDMI-CEC. It is an interface that allows you to control electronics devices attached to your TV through HDMI using a TV remote. It is an incredibly essential feature for times when you don’t try to use various remotes or lose one.

Some TVs have the feature enabled by default but just to be safe. So, we’ll check before moving further. Now, every TV brand this feature differently so you might have to check out what it’s called. For instance, Philips calls it EasyLink, LG calls it SimpLink, Hitachi calls it HDMI-CEC, Sony calls it Bravia Sync, etc. Then look for the HDMI CEC option in the TV settings and then enable it. You can now use the arrow keys on the TV to navigate the Firestick.

Situation 5: Use Mouse Or Keyboard With FireStick

Use Mouse Or Keyboard-Lost Firestick Remote

You can also use Fire TV Stick with a mobile, old remote, or a smart TV remote. You don’t need to use a mouse or keyboard to navigate the FireStick besides you like to browse the Wi-fi on a sideloaded web browser. FireStick remote can’t offer much when you’re on a web browser. You can also connect an external mouse after using a micro USB splitter from Amazon.


These were some methods that you must try after you lose your Fire TV Stick remote. The official app doesn’t work if you’re far away from your home. You can also modify the Wifi after following the above workarounds and make the device work without the remote. Well, if none of the above workarounds work for you then the only choice left is to purchase a replacement from Amazon for $29. What are your thoughts or views about it? Let us know below.

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