How To Find Windows 8 Startup Folder

Are you looking to find Windows 8 Startup folder? Unlike older Windows versions, including Windows 7/Vista/8 comes with an update Metro Start Menu known as Start Screen. As it holds all the installed and native Metro apps, desktop applications, shortcuts to system utilities, Audio and Video players, PC Settings, and much more. As we know that Windows 8 Start Screen acts as a central dashboard for all the commonly used apps and visited system locations. Also, it makes it quite difficult to launch or search Windows system folders or programs.

In Windows 8 Windows Startup Folder is one that can’t be opened via Start Screen search and you want to navigate manually to the Windows Startup folder to edit, add, and remove the Windows Startup items. Besides Windows 7 where one can easily open the Startup folder from the All Programs link. However, users of Windows 8 wants to manually pin the Startup folder either at the Start Screen or taskbar just to gain quick access to items that launch uisng Windows logon. In this article, you’ll find the Windows 8 Startup folder, so you can easily edit or add Windows 8 startup items.

After using Windows 8 Start Screen search, head over to the Advanced Startup options. Then view programs that automatically start up with Windows and modify Window To GO startup options. As it can’t include a shortcut to Windows 8 Startup folder. However, you can also use the Windows 8 Run console to instantly open the AppData folder, which always resides in your user profile folder, just to get to Startup folder.

How To Open Windows 8 Startup Folder

Windows 8 Startup Folder

To start, just use the combination of Windows + R hotkey. Also, input %AppData%. It will just open the Roaming profile folder, allowing you to view installed apps and folders and then move through Windows system folders. You will then find the Startup folder in the \Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder.

If you wnat to quickly navigate to the Startup folder. All you need is to open Windows Explorer and add the following path in the address bar using your user profile folder name, and then hit Enter.

C:\Users\<User Profile folder name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

This will redirects you directly to the Windows 8 Startup folder.

Then you can use the Pin to Start option from the right-tap context menu. Just to instantly open the Startup folder from Windows Start Screen.

After choosing the Pin to Start option will send the shortcut to the folder to Start Screen.

Edit & View Startup Items

Windows 8 can’t display Startup items in System Configuration utility known as msconfig.exe. There is a link in the Startup tab that moves you to Windows 8 Task Manager –> Startup window which contains all user-startup or system apps and scripts.

In Task Manager the startup section allows you to easily manage or organize startup items. It also provides information about the startup item, like Status, Publisher name, and Startup impact. Right-tapping the item will enable you to disable the startup item. Just navigate to the item’s source path. Then view Properties and start an online search to get more information on the chosen item.


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