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How to Fix Apex Legends No Servers Found Error

apex legends no servers found

Respawn Entertainment has actually done a really great job via releasing Apex Legends in 2019. That become free-to-play and famous enough among the gaming community. If in case, you guys are playing Apex Legends for a while, the chances are high that you’re facing multiple issues whatsoever as well. Apex Legends No Server Found Error? is one of them and if you guys are experiencing it in 2021. Just make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Fix Apex Legends No Servers Found Error. Let’s begin!

This specific error seems to appear from time to time to various players. Most importantly, after getting the Season 9 update, players are actually encountering such an issue quite frequently. The Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy No Server Found Error appears. However, the client fails to connect to the Apex Legends servers because of a number of reasons.

The chances are high that the servers are under maintenance actually. In these types of scenarios, it’s just really possible that you won’t be able to fix this issue if in case the servers are actually down or having an outage. So, waiting for the servers to get back online and active is what you’ll have to think for actually. Most of the time it may take a couple of hours for servers to get back online relying on the technical fault.

How can you Fix the Issue on Your End?

Here’s what you can do to fix the Apex Legends No Server Found error possibly. First and foremost, it is really important to know if or not you are getting the error message. Due to a problem on your end or if it will be on the actual server end of the title as well.

There are also a couple of possible fixes that you can do. The first is just a simple one: to try again to find a match online, however, you have probably already done that via the time you are reading this. If so, and it didn’t work again, then restart the game to see if that makes a difference or not.

If that doesn’t work, restart your console and/or PC of choice, and then see if you can find a server in order to play your battle royale match on. Also, if it still doesn’t work at this point, you guys must check your internet connection to make sure that it is working properly.

Further | apex legends no servers found

You are mostly going to get a different error if you are having internet issues. However, there is still a chance that you could get this one in that case. Make sure that your internet works via going on the same platform you are playing Apex on. Just make sure that you can access the web, videos, many other online games, and so on.

If they work and the game is still giving you error messages. Then you guys can safely assume that the issue is not one on your end at all actually. Rather, it has to do with something that is going on along with the developer and server-side. In this case, it is time to switch to the second part of what to do whenever it isn’t an issue on your side actually.

How to Fix Apex Legends No Server Found Error

apex legends no servers found

Now, without even wasting any more time, let’s now jump into the possible workarounds below.

Check Server Status

Well, checking the server status info is a really useful way. In order to keep updated yourself if you’re consistently getting server connectivity issues. To check it, you can also visit the Apex Legends Status webpage, and know more about it as well.

At the time of writing this article, it actually seems that latency issues are affecting the game badly across many regions and servers. Plus, you can also follow the official @_ApexStatus Twitter handle to get updated along with all server status-related info. Whereas visiting the unofficial Apex Legends Status Down Detector page can also do the job easily as well.

If there is an actual server downtime or outage happening, then just make sure to wait for a couple of hours until servers come back online. There is nothing to do extra in that scenario actually. However, if the servers are running well and still you’re getting connectivity errors or no server error as well. You guys should follow the rest of the methods one by one.

Check Your Network | apex legends no servers found

Checking the network connection is another important task if you guys are getting multiple issues with online gaming. For example, connectivity errors, can’t connect to the servers, etc. If you’re using a Wi-Fi network or a wired connection, then also make sure to cross-check your network properly. And, if it’s working for other games or browsing or not.

If there is an issue along with your internet, you can always contact your ISP for further assistance as well. And, if your network is working well with other websites or online games, then you can follow the next method.

Power Cycle Your Router

You have to make sure to perform a power cycle of your Wi-Fi router in order to clear any kind of temporary glitch. Or networking cache issues whatsoever. In order to do that:

  • First, turn off your Wi-Fi router first.
  • Now, unplug the power cable from the router as well.
  • Now wait for a couple of seconds and then plug back the power cable in.
  • Then turn on the Wi-Fi router and check whether the problem has been fixed or not.

Switch to a Wired Connection

In order to cross-check the internet connection if it’s working for you or not. You have to make sure to switch to a wired connection from the Wi-Fi network or even vice-versa. Most of the time it may possible that switching the network connection can easily fix many issues.

Perform Hard Reset [Console]

For the PS4 console users, performing a hard reset to the console may also come in handy in most cases. Many time a glitched system or cached data can also cause multiple issues with the gameplay or server connectivity. In order to do that:

  • Just keep signed in to your PS4 console.
  • Now, head over to Settings > head to Account Management.
  • Then navigate to Activate as Your Primary PS4. If it’s already activated, choose Deactivate.
  • Now, sign back into your PS4 account and then head to Settings again.
  • Just locate Initialization > choose Initialize PS4.
  • Confirm the process through selecting Full.
  • When you do that, your console will reboot.

Please Note: This process will clear out downloaded games, saved game data, etc that are also available on your console.

Reset Wi-Fi Router | apex legends no servers found

Try to reset your Wi-Fi router in order to clear the temporary networking glitch or system cache issue. To do that:

  • First, make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned on.
  • Now, locate the Reset button or also pinhole at the backside of the router.
  • Either tap and hold the Reset button or also use a pin to insert it into the pinhole & long-tap on the Reset pinhole.
  • Release the button when you see a glitch or stutter in the LED blink. It also indicates that your router has been reset now
  • Finally, log into your router’s admin dashboard > Input the important IP config details and also save the changes.
  • You’re done now.

Use a VPN

Maybe your region server has some issues or more active players are online at the same time which basically overloads the server capacity. So, you can try using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and select a different region to check whether you’re able to play Apex Legends or not.

If yes, that means there is a technical issue at your specific region server that will be fixed by developers as early as possible. However, we won’t recommend you using a VPN service because it increases input lag and ping delay.

Use Mobile Hotspot

If you guys have a doubt that your internet connection is somehow causing trouble to you. Just make sure to use a mobile hotspot in order to cross-check the networking problem as well. Just use a smartphone and also turn on the hotspot > connect to the Wi-Fi on your console or PC and now start playing Apex Legends.

Even it’ll load the game slow and you guys won’t be able to play properly, you’ll come to know what’s really going on.

Clear Background Tasks [PC]

Meanwhile, Windows users can always check for the background that is running tasks and clear them which are unnecessarily running. This background basically tasks can easily consume a lot of system resources in order to which will eventually slow down your computer and triggering issues. Along with the online gameplay in some cases. In order to clear background tasks on your PC:

  • Just tap on Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys in order to open Task Manager.
  • Now, tap on Processes > choose the unnecessary tasks and click on End Task one by one.
  • When you do that, make sure to close it, and reboot your system to apply changes as well.

Check Game Updates

Just like that, you should also check for game updates since developers mostly release patch fixes and additional features along with every update. If in case, you haven’t updated your Apex Legends game for a while actually. Then try to check it periodically. If there is an update available, then make sure to download & install it without even any second thought.

Check Software Updates | apex legends no servers found

It can also possible that an outdated system version on your PC or the PS4 console is basically causing several issues with the system performance as well as the networking connectivity too. You should always try to check software updates whatsoever to get updated with all the latest features and patch fixes as well.

Check Your NAT Type

NAT Type is also another big reason to get multiple internet-related issues or connectivity errors. If you guys are using the PlayStation 4 console. There are basically three types of NAT connections available that console users may also come across in some cases. Always check whether your NAT Type is 1 or 2 as well.

If it’s showing NAT Type 3 then just make sure to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) in order to get it fixed professionally.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “apex legends no servers found” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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