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How to Fix Ark not Launching in Steam or Others

ark not launching

Ark: Survival Evolved is basically an action survival game that was developed via Studio Wildcard in collaboration along with Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, and Virtual Basement as well. The game first took the gaming world through the storm whenever it was released as an early access title on steam in mid-2015 as well. The official release date was in 2017 on Steam and Xbox One as well. In 2018 the game was bring to mobile platforms and also the Nintendo Switch. And in the game, players are to survive on an island filled along with wild dinosaurs, many other prehistoric animals, natural hazards, and many other players in multiplayer mode. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Fix Ark not Launching in Steam or Others. Let’s begin!

Progression is ultimately about mastering and manipulating your environment as well. Players who begin the game along with few clothes and only their bare hands in order to protect themselves must gather materials. In order to make weapons, shelter, and ultimately tame dinosaurs as well. The game takes on an entirely new level of difficulty when you try to play on a multiplayer server. Here, players can be hostile and ruin the progress that you guys have worked hours for. Avid ARK players find this is one of the most rewarding parts of the game, in spite of how challenging it can be.

How to Fix Ark not Launching in Steam or Others

The game is extremely famous. On steam alone, reports also prove that thousands of players are active on the game each and every day. Recently, the average number of daily players on Steam has risen to more than eighty thousand. But, the game is far from perfect, says the reviews! Still, players, most of the time complain about not being able to launch the game. The issue is especially common after new updates are released as well. This problem is extremely vexing, however, there are a few fixes players can do in order to fix the problem:

Restart your computer and try again

The first, classic troubleshooting step is basically to restart your computer and try to launch the game again. This trick can also be surprisingly effective. This is because whenever you restart your computer you are clearing your Random Access Memory (RAM). When you guys are using your computer for a long period of time temporary caches and logs can turn your computer into a morass as well. Just quit steam, restart the computer, then open steam, and try in order to run the game again.

Delete the LocalProfiles folder

If the game is still failing to run, then you can try a more sophisticated solution. First, you have to locate the LocalProfiles folder. Now just navigate to \steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles. Next, you guys have to delete it and try to run the game once again as well. Make sure that before you guys do all of this you quit steam. Also, restart your computer after deleting the folder as well.

Update all the drivers, Graphics, Motherboard, etc

If the game is still refusing to boot up, you guys can move on and try the next solution. For this solution, then you should update all the drivers, graphics cards, motherboards, as well. Basically, anything that can also update on your PC should be updated. Relying on what type of computer the player is using, locating what needs an update can be tricky as well. For this, it also recommends that individuals take note of their computer’s manufacturer and look at their websites too. When all the updates are complete then try to run your game again.

Update or download Visual C++ latest version and DirectX latest version

If you guys fail to counter the problem even after trying all the above possible fixes, then you should download and install the latest versions of Visual C++ and Direct X as well. After you install these the player should restart their computer as well as Steam. It is normal for ARK to download some files after this actually, so let that be. When the files have downloaded try to run the game.

Some optional solutions | ark not launching

Moving on, here are some optional solutions to fix the problem as well.  The first step to this is basically to back up your single-player game. Your single-player game files can also be found in \steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\ Saved\SavedArksLocal. When the single-player game is back up, you should delete local game content via Steam. This means that the player must delete the whole ARK folder which can also be navigated at \steamapps\common\ARK. After all the local files have been deleted the player should reinstall ARK and then try to run their game again. For players in order to retrieve their single-player game file. Then they should wait until the game is running properly then place the folder back whereever they got it from.

Summing up our guide, you guys can try to restart your computer, deleting the local profiles folder, updating the drivers, installing the latest versions of visual c++ and DirectX in order to counter our present situation. But, if none of these prove useful to you, then reinstalling the game is the last and effective option if you guys don’t mind wasting your internet. But, installing the latest versions of visual c++ and DirectX has proven worthy to some players. So these fixes are all worth trying to apply. Good luck with that!


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