How To Fix Corrupted Error CE-36244-9


PS4 Cannot Download Corrupted Error CE-36244-9

Do you want to fix the corrupted error CE-36244-9? Whenever you download or install games or even patches from the PlayStation Network (PSN), you might have to face an annoying issue, which shows error code CE-36244-9. Then an error occurs on the screen saying: “Cannot download. The data is corrupted.”  Well, the code prevents the users from download patches and games from the PSN, thus deteriorating the whole experience. As it results in a severe issue because whenever users are can’t download patches or games. Some users claim that the error occurs because of a Hard Drive issue. We don’t deny the fact, but in some situations, this error occurs because of a corrupt hard drive.

If you’ve tried downloading or installing a game from the PS Network and face this issue, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we have explained all the possible facts and reasons that lead to the “Data is Corrupted Error CE-36244-9” error. Also, we try to fix this problem as far as possible. So, let’s get started.

Corrupt File Intro:

The data that is saved in a hard disk is a kind of electronic data consisting of neutrons and protons. When something is causing a hard to their structure, or if there is any interference with this data. Then data corruption occurs. Or else, if the info there on the hard disk is exposed to some other factors such as power loss or improper installation, then data corruption occurs. When there is no interference or the hard drive has all the information intact then there no corruption.

A corrupted file is just like a virus on a PC. However, it disturbs the entire system architecture, so making it unusable to some extent or fully unusable. So if you want to tackle this data corruption problem, we want to troubleshoot or fix it accordingly. Also, the main issue arises with the core apps as they depend upon the internal file structure. So let’s move on to the other section where we will discuss or explain why these files get corrupt.

Files Become Corrupt On PS4 – Why?

The major reason for file corruption is when the app is being downloaded or installed faces an error while saving. There are various other glitches in the PC that can cause files to be corrupt. Certainly, power failure contributes to this, and certainly, Wi-Fi speed may also do the game. However, the browser also suffers from errors while downloading a game.

Momentary hard drive failure is common in a PS4 because of its amazing architecture. But certainly, it leads to corruption although it is rare. Also, it causes this problem. So to conclude, various reasons can cause file corruption. Now we will show you how you can resolve this corruption problem.

How To Fix Corrupted Error CE-36244-9

How To Fix It

So here in this section, you’ll learn how to fix it. We are here with all the possible fixes that will ensure you’ve no longer a corrupt hard drive. So let’s begin.

Method 1: Reboot & Re-download File

Well, it is the easiest or simplest way to resolve a corrupt file on the hard disk. Rebooting your PS4 will fix all the issues related to the device. Well, after you restart it, you can proceed to download or install the file again. As it’ll fix your corrupt hard drive problem to such an extent that you won’t face the error again.

But still, if you encounter the Error CE-36244-9 again, don’t fret, we have more for you.

Method 2: Check PS4 Network Settings

From Home Network PS4 suffers a lot. So to fix this issue, you want to share your mobile hotspot to the PS4. Then try to check and try to install the file again. Now you should check the DNS (Domain Name System). If you want to do that, initially, configure the IP settings to Static, then follow the instructions below.

  • Head over to the Settings on your PS4
  • Now move to the “Establish an Internet Connection” tab
  • Then choose the correct thing for your network type: Use WiFi Connection or LAN cable
  • Then head over to DNS setting then “Manual.”
  • Type this data: Primary DNS: | Additional DNS:8.84.4
  • Now, move to the end of the connectivity settings and restart your device

Now, after the restart, head over to download the file again and then check if your issue resolves. The issue might not resolve as this is a well-tested solution. But still somehow, if there is an error, head over to the other section.

Method 3: Make Storage Space

Storage creates the major issues behind which users are unable to download or install anything. So if you want to check that we want to look out if there is enough space remaining in the hard drive. It looks that there is enough storage, but that might not be the case. As the device keeps 10% storage reserved for cache data. If you want to check what is using the storage, then head over to settings. You can then tap on storage management. And check out if something is burdening the storage.

This workaround will only work if the storage is full, and to our coincidence, lots of users claimed that they don’t have free hard disk space. So we suggest you check that first. After that, head over to the other solution to fix error CE-36244-9.

Fix 4: Completely Initialize (Factory Reset) your PS4

As we all know, the factory reset is the best method for all the issues in any electronic device, and PS4 is no different. Completely initializing PS4 fixes some problems in the system and provides a good feel like you’ve bought it new. But before that, Initializing will remove all the game patches and data from the system, and you’ll want to install them again.

To fully initialize the PS4 follow the instructions below.

  • Disable the PS4 using the front button. Allow the power indicator to finish blinking.
  • Then hit and hold the same power button for a few seconds until you hear two beep sounds.
  • Now plug your DualShock gamepad using the USB cable and hit the PS button.
  • Now choose the option saying “Initialize PS4(Reinstall System Software)

At last, start initializing it. Wait a while until it enables again and view it’s working usually. But wait, we still have a bonus solution. Well, it’s very difficult for novice users.

Fix 5: Format Hard Drive Via PC

Formatting the hard drive fixes all the repair and errors of the bad sectors on the magnetic hard drive. So formatting the hard drive at least once yearly. If you want to format the hard drive, you need a Hard Drive Caddy or an external Hard Drive Case, and a SATA cable to connect or plug it into the PC.

Follow the steps to fix error CE-36244-9:

  • Just take the Hard Drive out of your device and again put it in a caddy.
  • Now connect the SATA Cable from the caddy to your system.
  • When the computer recognizes the hard drive, then open the disk management.
  • Then execute the disk defragmenter.
  • Once it completes, head over to This PC
  • Now simply add the hard drive and just Format it.


Now you should know how to fix your corrupt hard drive issue. As your hard drive show the error code CE-36244-9. With these workarounds, you can easily retain your hard drive performance like new. Also, check for power failures and try to keep it safe from that.

I hope our article was helpful in fixing all your issues. Further, if you have any feedback, questions, and queries feel free to comment us below.

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