How To Fix Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing

Do you want to fix Chrome sync keeps pausing issue? Chrome provides a feature of Chrome’s sync that can sync your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and it even allows you to access the tabs you have to open on other devices. It’s quite essential and whenever you have it set up, you can get used to it always working and also it ensures the transition between various systems.

Also, there’s an odd issue occur that many Chrome users are facing with the sync feature pausing periodically.

Come let’s check how to resolve the Chrome sync pausing asking you to sign in.

Steps To Fix Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing Issue:

Chrome Sync Pausing

This issue appears to be an odd feature that’s turned on by default. You can disable it from the Chrome Flags page. Head over to the Chrome and input the following in the URL bar. Then click enter.

Step 1:

Head over to the Chrome Flags page. Then use the search bar and type ‘account consistency’.

Step 2:

As it bring up a flag known as ‘Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar’.

Step 3:

All you need is to open the dropdown located next to it and choose ‘Disabled’.

Step 4:

Then again launch the Chrome to apply this change and sync can’t pause at random.

There is another solution to fix that other Chrome users can use to resolve this issue.

The solution mentioned-above works well but in case it doesn’t works for you, then whitelist the following domain at the bottom of Chrome’s cookies.

Just open a new tab and input the following in the URL bar;


From the Cookies window, tap the Add button located next to the Allow section and input the domain mentioned above. When it’s becomes added, Chrome stops pause syncing.

Various Work Stations

After using Chrome sync on different work stations, then make the above two modification to all of them. The issue can appear on any one of the work stations that you’re using Chrome and Chrome sync on so it’s good to apply above two modification on all systems that use the similar Google account to sync.

This ‘bug’ occur towards the end of last year and it looks that sync is paused every two weeks on average. Maybe you signed out more often, or less often but two or three weeks is what some users note as an active sync period.

When syncing pauses, you can’t access the open tabs, currently added bookmarks, and the Chrome browser browsing history. Fortunately, when the sync is enabled, everything syncs normally.


Here’s all about ‘Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing’. Is this article helpful? Are you still facing the issue or successfully fix it? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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