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How To Fix Google Voice Not Working Issue

Do you want to fix Google Voice not working issue? Google Assistant was assumed to help us all exist in an advanced utopia where we carried our own permanently available assistants in our pockets. Some mobile users have found that the amazing feature just left them repeating the phrase “Ok Google” over and over again into an unresponsive Android. No doubt drawing some strange seems in the process.

But don’t distress just yet, there are some simple solutions that you can try that should get the voice recognition software working.

Fix Google Voice Not Working Issue

Check if you’re with friends

It’s best to know when the issue is on Google’s side besides yours. Simply check Reddit, Twitter, and Google’s support forums to view if other users are complaining that “OK Google” and “Hey Google” voice detection has end working on their mobile.

Certainly, some fixes, to just retrain Voice Match to resolve OK Google detection, isn’t working due to the choices to do so in the settings are grayed out. In this situation, when you’ve gone through the choices detailed below, just wait a while for a resolve to be rolled out by Google.

Check your language settings

If Google Assistant isn’t reacting to you, it might be because you’re speaking the incorrect language. US English will be the default language for several users, but still, it’s worth checking in the Settings menu and altering as needed. Just head over to the Google app and then its main menu, then move to Settings > Voice (under Search) and then choose the fixed language(s) from the Voice menu.

There you will view lots of language choices, each one with a checkbox, so you can set secondary or primary languages if required. Automatically Google will detect which language you’re speaking and move between them automatically. If you are speaking the multilingual language, make sure that voice recognition for languages other than English can certainly be subpar.

After updating your language pack may also sort out your issues. From the same Voice menu, head over to Offline speech recognition and install or update your English (US) language pack.

Head over to the microphone setting

Google Assistant depends on uninterrupted access to your mobile’s microphone. After opening the Google app. The right-hand side of the search bar there is a microphone icon bold, with fully-formed lines. If it is in the dotted line, you might have an issue with your microphone.

This might be caused by waste in the small microphone hole certainly found next to the charging port. Also, it has a careful tap around with a safety pin or just like to clear it out and you’ll often resolve the issue. If still it can’t work, then move to microphone settings within the Google app.

Certainly, apps that are running in the background are making noises. Also, it might interfere with the microphone picking up your voice.

Turn Off S Voice or Bixby if you have a Samsung

As there is no clear reason why it seems as using Google Assistant is not always supported by Bixby on Samsung phones. While having Samsung using Bixby or S Voice installed. They prefer to use Google’s voice assistant rather than, your best bet probably turn off Bixby or S Voice on your device fully. If you want to do this, simply locate the app icon for S Voice or Bixby and then long-hit it and choose Disable.

Rule out all the simple solutions

This might be stating the obvious, but Google Assistant does want Wi-Fi or mobile data to operate, so remember your device is attached before you try a search. Also, it’s probably the oldest device in the book. It can’t hurt to do an instant reboot – certainly magic really does happen. Simply check to ensure that “Ok Google” detection is actually enabled. If you want to do this head over to the Google app and then its main menu. Then head over to Settings > Voice (under Search) > “Voice Match” detection.

Retrain “Ok Google” voice version

Certainly, for unknown reasons, Google Assistant doesn’t reteach the commands you have provided it. If all else fails, it probably is time to retrain your digital companion.

Step 1:

Head over to Settings > Google >Search > Voice

Step 2:

Also, it ensures that access with Voice Match is toggled on

Step 3:

From there, tap Retrain voice version and repeat “OK Google” and “Hey Google” when a prompt appears.

Step 4:

The assistant should once more react to your voice as normal.


Here’s all about “Google Play Store Keeps Stopping”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Have you ever face problems with Google Assistant? Have you found any other method that you think we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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