How To Fix Minecraft Not Using GPU


Have you ever try to fix Minecraft Not Using GPU? While playing games on a computer, you want the one that has a GPU. The latest the GPU version, the better your games will execute. Some games can execute without a GPU but they might old, very simple, and basic, or you got quite low FPS when you play them.

On-board Graphics vs Dedicated GPU

Minecraft runs with just the onboard graphics card. You don’t want a GPU to play the game but as stated before, you want a lesser experience. Some issues you’ll face, besides from a low FPS, is that the game will take too time to render the latest blocks. Not just this but also your FOV will be quite lower, the animations will either be choppy or they don’t work at all.

While having a GPU, it helps exponentially with the game. Also, it renders better, and execute quite smoothly. The game movement will be more fluid and it looks will be quite real.

Certainly, also when a PC has a GPU, then the app Minecraft uses the on-board graphics instead. However, it also renders the GPU until and you might not have one at all whenever the game is concerned. Hopefully, on Windows 10, its quite easy to get Minecraft to use the GPU.

Fix Minecraft Not Using GPU

The solution works for the Minecraft Java model, and for the Bedrock/UWP/Windows 10 version. It will work besides having an NVIDIA GPU or an AMD GPU.

Step 1:

Head over to the Settings app.

Step 2:

Move to the System group of settings.

Step 3:

Choose the Display tab.

Step 4:

Move to the bottom, and tap Graphics settings.

Step 5:

Well, on the Window Graphics Settings, simply open the ‘Choose an app to set preference‘ dropdown.

  • While having the Java version of Minecraft, choose the Classic app.
  • If you have the Bedrock models of the app, pick the Univeral app.
Step 6:

Also, open the ‘Select App’ dropdown (for UWP apps), or tap the Browse button (for Classic apps).

Step 7:

Choose Minecraft and tap Add.

Step 8:

Once the app has been added, choose it, and tap Options.

Step 9:

A new window opens within the Settings app with 3 various choices that you can choose. Choose High Performance.

Step 10:

Tap Save.

Step 11:

After Minecraft open, quite it and then again open it. When you execute the game, then it’ll use the dedicated GPU rather than the onboard graphics card.

Check: Is Minecraft using the GPU?

To verify if Minecraft is using the GPU or not, simply use Task Manager.

Step 1:

Head over to Minecraft, choose a world, and enable it to load. Simply minimize the game.

Step 2:

Right-tap the Taskbar and choose Task Manager from the context menu.

Step 3:

On the Processes tab, view for Minecraft.

Step 4:

Choose it and verify the GPU Engine column. You must read GPU 1 to highlight it is using the GPU and not the onboard graphics card.

What does a GPU do?

Graphics processing or GPU unit holds how a game seems. This is a simple explanation but when we’re discussing games, we’re not talking about colors. Rather than, we’re dealing with moving pictures and the photos aren’t like those in a video where an app just has to play using a series of them.

In a game, the rendered photo is modifying constantly. For e.g. while in active combat in an FPS. Not just the game-world modifying when you play. Also, it is adapting to the modification that is a result of how to interact with other game elements. In a nutshell, there are tons of moving parts and every part plays an important role in how or what is rendered on the screen.

If the rendering takes too much time. For e.g you shoot an arrow at a target, then its effect e.g., it launches a trap or presses a switch, can’t happen for a while. In some situations, you might not view it happen and will only view the after-effect. Also, take the example of sand in Minecraft. It’s quite satisfying to enable sand chunks suspended in the air to just drop but without a GPU. Then the drop may be quite slow or it might just bring the game to a standstill.

Minecraft begins out as a simple game but today, it had modified so much that playing it without a GPU is the worst idea.

Were you able to resolve your issue?

It a popular joke in the PC-gamers community where gamers purchase or build rigs that cost $2000. Also, they complete playing Minecraft on it. It’s a useless joke that console-lovers but Minecraft no doubt a powerful game.

Users also create difficult machines and also PCs in it. Also, they are still being able to play on their own. It’s an open-world game that features infinite worlds so besides how you view it, it does want a GPU to execute well.


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