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How to Fix Snapchat Camera not Working – Tutorial

snapchat camera not working

Because announcing itself to the world in 2011, Snapchat has actually done fairly well on the reliability front. The application really rarely crashes and the support team is mostly all over an issue minutes after it reveals itself. Primarily being a camera app, Snapchat, at least, have its camera module in order to work flawlessly. Sadly, over the last couple of days, most of the users have been facing a rare and weird camera bug. That is giving them a blank screen whenever trying to access the camera. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Fix Snapchat Camera not Working – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

Smartphone users experiencing an issue along with the Snapchat camera are not alone. That considers the app appears to be having widespread issues today. Along with Snapchat being a service that’s primarily focusing on images, the inability in order to send or receive photos via the app is a major issue for users. Right now, it actually remains to be seen whenever the problem will be resolved.

Although there are many apps and services that focus on photos and pictures as well. Snapchat has managed to distance itself from just the same options via focusing on the quick-disappearing nature of the service. Plus, Snap has continually added new ways for users in order to engage and communicate along with each other. That includes Snapchat Lenses and Snap games. But, in spite of these additional features, photo-sharing remains an important part of the Snapchat experience as well.

Snapchat Camera Stops Working, Turns Black

Essentially, all of the complaints point to the Snapchat camera has suddenly stopped working as well. According to the reports, users can still access the camera section of the app’s interface as well. However, there is also no actual feed from the camera coming through. Rather, users are simply presented along with a black screen. Some users have also noted how they initially thought this to be related to the actual device’s camera and not the app. However, checks through other apps, also including the camera app, have ruled that out. In addition, Snapchat’s support account on Twitter has recently confirms the issue, also stating it is currently investigated as well.

However, Snapchat appears to be aware of the camera issue, that there has been no mention yet of when the problem will be fixed. Just like that, as there is also no firm information on what is actually causing the issue. It also remains unclear if users can actually expect the app to suddenly start working again. Or if an update will have to deployes and installs in order to fix the issue. The black camera issue basically follows another recent problem that affected the app. There a Snapchat map glitch temporarily revealed user locations to strangers as well.

How to Fix Snapchat Camera not Working – Tutorial

Here are a lot of ways in order to fix the black camera issue on the Snapchat app. Method #3 below, reinstall, is said to be working for someone on Reddit actually. However, before you guys do that, it’s really good to try the first two methods because these don’t delete anything on your phone as well.

Check camera permission

If you guys are on iOS 14 beta, Snapchat’s camera permission could have revoks due to the OS’s meticulous privacy features. In order to see whether your iOS is the culprit, head to Settings, scroll down until you see the installed apps. Just click on ‘Snapchat,’ and then see if the toggle adjacent to ‘Camera’ is turning on.

Android users, too, could check this permission, even though it’s unlikely to be the issue as well. In order to check Snapchat’s permissions, Head to Settings, tap on ‘Apps,’ and hit the ‘three-dot button at the top right corner. Now, you have to open ‘Permission manager.’

  • Click on ‘Camera.’
  • Now scroll down to ‘Snapchat.’
  • And now finally, see if it’s set to ‘Allow.’

Clear cache and data

Whenever you guys run into an inconspicuous issue, then clearing the app’s data and cache should be your head-to move. Here, too, you guys could try and see if it solves the issue.

In order to clear the app data and cache of Snapchat, first, head to Settings and then tap on ‘Apps.’ Then search for “Snapchat” and then click on it. Tap on ‘Storage.’

Now, on the next screen, hit ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear cache’ respectively as well.

Uninstall and re-install

If the two tricks don’t work for you, then you should try to uninstall Snapchat right now and downloading the latest version from Google Play or App Store.

For what it’s worth, this method has been reported to be working via a Reddit user.

Factory reset

If nothing else works, then you guys can hard reset your device (Android | iOS). However, know that doing so will delete all of your data on your phone, so make sure to make appropriate backups as well.

As mentioned, Snapchat is yet to disclose the issue that they are having. So, for the time being, you guys can only pray that Snapchat fixes this issue in the next update or not.


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