How to Forward Text Message in Android


Forward a text message from your Android device to another person with these steps. Most of the time when you receive a text message on your phone, you would like to send that text to someone else. Perhaps you need to let others know that a friend is coming over for dinner, or perhaps you need to inform others of a change in your schedule? Want to know how to forward a text message? It is actually really very easy. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Forward Text Message in Android. Let’s begin!

Well, the good news is that, for Android devices, its pretty simple to forward text messages to others, and we will let you know exactly how to do just that. This method works for the stock Android Messages. But other smartphones with their own apps should work in the same way for forwarding messages.

Note: | Forward Text Message in Android

These instructions are intended for the stock Android 5 Messaging app. Your carrier may provide you with a different messaging solution.

  • Open the message thread that contains the individual message you would like to forward.
  • While in the list of messages, tap and hold the message you wish to forward until a menu will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Tap other messages you wish to forward along with this message. They should show as checked when selected.
  • Then tap the “Forward” arrow
  • Finish your message up by adding your own message if desired. Tap “Send” when ready.

Why don’t I have this option on my device? | Forward Text Message in Android

Be sure that you are tapping and holding a single message. Not an entire thread. There are some wireless carriers that disallow this option. In these cases, it is recommended you download and use Handcent or ChompSMS for sending and also receiving text messages.


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