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Snapchat is basically one of the most used social media platforms. It may be just the same as Instagram however, comes with quite more features. But, the reality is Snapchat is concept creators actually. They are also inventors. All of the other Social platforms always copy their style and concept along with slightly modified features. Also, Snapchat poses to be more secure than each and every other similar social media platform. You can’t possibly log in to a Snapchat account on two devices actually. A lot of folks prefer using Snapchat, thanks to its tons of features and impressive video effects as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Get a Snapchat Streak Back Hack – Tips. Let’s begin!

How A Snapchat Streak Actually Works?

Let’s first, start with the basics. Some of you may not know exactly what a Streak entails or its advantages. You will have to understand these if you guys want to know how to get a Snapstreak back.

Well, this isn’t a solo effort by any means—this is actually a demonstration of your friendship. You have to depend on someone else. You guys can either overtly tell your friends that you want to try for a Snap Streak, or it might be an unspoken agreement as well.

A Streak begins whenever you and a friend send Snaps to each other each and every 24 hours for 3 consecutive days. When you do this, a fire emblem will then appear next to that contact’s name. Alongside a tally of how many days the Streak has lasted actually.

how to get a snapchat streak back hack

The rules are pretty simple: you need to send a Snap to that person each day. They have to respond to your Snap within 24 hours actually. Chats don’t count in that actually. Neither do Snaps sent from Memories or from Snapchat Spectacles as well. Also, video calls don’t either. But, videos sent via the Snap function do.

And keep in mind that this is about individuals, so sending a Snap to a group or adding one to My Story does not actually add towards a Streak.

What Do The Snapchat Emojis Actually Mean?

Firstly, just note that these emojis are different from Trophies. But, the more Streaks you take part in, the more likely you are to get all of the Snapchat Trophies as well. Head to the Chat function and you will see all your contacts. Emojis will accompany some of these names if not all of them (Relying on how many friends that you have added and how frequently that you communicate).

If you guys are consistently sending messages to one person, a smiley face will then appear to the right of their name. This basically signifies that you guys are best friends. This will mostly appear if you’re participating in a Snap Streak with someone actually. How do you know that you’re on a Streak along with a friend? A fire emoji will appear alongside their name plus the number of consecutive days the Streak has lasted as well.

Also f your Streak reaches 100 days, Snapchat will congratulate you through putting the “100” emoji next to the flame symbol as well. Beyond that, it actually continues to list the number of consecutive days that you have been on this current Streak as well.

Further | how to get a Snapchat streak back hack

No one’s perfect actually, so one party will inevitably forget that they have not sent a Snap within 24 hours of the previous one right? Snapchat has also got you covered—it will remind you through showing an hourglass emoji by your Streak number. If you see an hourglass, then send a Snap! If you guys are worried the other person has forgotten too, send them a message on Chat and hope they have notifications turned on as well.

How can you keep a Snap Streak going further? The secret is not to get too precious about what you take a photo of. You won’t actually find something meaningful to say each and every day. So don’t feel too bad if you Snap the ceiling as well. Add text to explain that this is to maintain the Streak; just like that, send a nice “thinking of you” message.

How to Get a Snapchat Streak Back Hack – Tips

Well, we should also admit that we are somehow connected to social networking sites actually. In fact, social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has already taken an integral part of our life. Well, the same thing goes with instant messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about Snapchat, which is one of the best image sharing platforms out there actually. It’s also worth noting that Snapchat is not the only one in the image sharing section. Some of its competitors such as Instagram are also doing pretty well and it’s on the rising phase from the past few years.

But, Snapchat always remains the first choice of the users whenever it comes to exchanging pictures. In fact, Snapchat has also recorded steady growth over the years as compared to that of Instagram. And the reason behind that sustained growth is very clear, the platform offers a wide range of features which are mostly not found on other image sharing sites.

What’s More

One of those features is also known as Snapstreaks. Well, most of the Snapchat users have asked us about ‘Snapchat Streaks’ on our Facebook page as well. So, here we have decided to explore each and everything about Snap Streak and how it works as well. We will also mention a working method to get the Snapchat Streak Back after losing it as well(Snapchat Streak Hack).

Now, the Snap streak basically comes with few twists, if the 24-hour time limit runs out, then the flame icon behind the name will disappear actually. If you want to get it back, then you need to start the snap streak all over again. The minimum time frame to get the flame icon behind your name is three days actually. That means you have to send Snapback and forth with your friend for three consecutive days in order to get back the Snap streak.

how to get a Snapchat streak back hack?

Well, there’s actually no way in order to crack the Snapchat system. Fortunately, there’s actually a method available to get your Snap Streak back legally. For that, you have to go to the Snapchat Support’s I Need Help section. You guys can access the web page from here, and if you feel that you have lost the Snap Streak without any apparent reason, then you can also raise a complaint here as well.

how to get a snapchat streak back hack

You have to fill out a complaint forum where you have to jot about your lost Snapchat Streak. Users also need to enter their username, email address, phone number, smartphone mode, and also other friend’s username. That you had your Snap Streak with as well.

how to get a snapchat streak back hack

You’ll have to give the following; All of the details should match with the current account. So, provide all of the details as per your Snapchat account actually.

  • Your username– you guys can find your username in Snapchat app settings
  • Email- Your account login Email as well.
  • Mobile number
  • Device Model– You guys can find these details in your Mobile About section in settings.
  • Friend’s username– Disappeared snap streaks username as well
  • When did the issue start?
  • Also, How long was your streak before you lost it
  • Did you see the hourglass icon?
  • And lastly, write additional info to Snapchat

You guys will get your streaks back if Snapchat believes the information that you provided. But, if your streak’s lots is not a technical or network issue, then Snapchat won’t restore it as well; you will have to start building all over again.

Rules of Snapchat Streaks | how to get a Snapchat streak back hack

Also, you have to know the rules of Snapchat’s streaks; here they are;

  • You and your friend must reply to each other along with snaps within 24 hours before it considered as a streak
  • Both of you must continue with snaps for as long as you want the streaks to last as well
  • Chats “texts” do not count in it
  • Snapchat streaks are only for individuals; this basically implies that snaps sent or received in group messages don’t depend on Snapstreaks
  • Also, snaps from Memories or Snapchat Spectacles do not also count as streaks.
  • Video calls also don’t count. However, when you send videos via the Snap function, it is counted
  • Adding snaps to your story does not count as well.

In summary, in order to maintain Snapchat streaks, you must continue snapping along with your friend for as long as possible.


So what are the Advantages of Snapchat streaks?

Everyone has been pretty talking about Snaptreaks, and you are yet to understand its advantages? Well, there are a lot of advantages of keeping long Streaks on Snapchat. You get rewarded along with unique emojis when you have maintained longer streaks. Snapchat will also display the “100” emoji beside the name of your friend. Whenever you both have been on Snap streaks for more than 100 days and a mountain emoji for longer streaks.

Also, Snapstreaks is used to brag about one’s dedication to social media as well. Furthermore, most of the folks use Snapstreaks in order to evaluate their friendship ties with their friends on Snapchat. A lot of folks take Snapstreaks really seriously, and also some of them do fall sick whenever they lose a streak along with a friend. But, we are going to explain that how you could get back your streak along with your best friend.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “how to get a Snapchat streak back hack” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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