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How to get a transcription faster

How to get a transcription fasterBloggers and influencers are among the most popular occupations at the moment. This has already turned into a full-time job, and it’s not rare to see bloggers who earn six figures. However, the process isn’t that simple: you need to be present 24/7, promote, engage the audience, and do lots of other things. One of the instruments that may help is transcribing videos and audio into text. Yes, the process might seem boring, but it is very important. First of all, to increase visibility on social media. Then, your content should be available to people who have troubles with hearing or processing audio and video content.

If you are engaged in the blogging industry, you probably know that it’s developing rapidly, and the transcriptions should be made fast. The best option is to get professional transcription services and concentrate on the things that you are good at. But it’s possible to transcribe files on your own. And do it fast. Below we’ll share useful and time-tested approaches.

Break the transcription into parts

The first piece of advice is when you transcribe audio text, break the content into segments. For example, if a file is two hours long, break it into 20-minute parts for simpler transcription. Wondering how this may help? Well, your brain sees a shorter file that you can transcribe in one sit. That is why it feels more relaxed and motivated. Suppose you want to create an accurate and clear transcription, staying focused on the key. When trying to transcribe two hours in one sitting, you may end up losing concentration and making lots of mistakes.

Transcription software matters

If you ask any transcription company how it is possible to convert files quickly, they will surely say that proper software is the key. Automatizing the process with fast and modern tools and equipment is a great idea, especially if you need transcribing on a regular basis. First of all, you need programs that enable playback using a keyboard. There’s nothing more annoying than having to do everything with a mouse! There are also several web-based applications that allow transcribing online. They speed up the process and don’t take any memory space.

Most programs are paid ones but usually come with a free trial period, so you can decide whether they suit your needs or not. Let us name only some of them:

  • Transcribers
  • NCH Software Express Scribe
  • The FTW Transcriber
  • ai
  • Sonix
  • InqScribe
  • Maestra

Remember about the autocorrect tool

Another top pick of professional human transcription services is autocorrection. Just imagine how much time you can save without a need to return to previous sections and correct common typos and mistakes. When using AutoCorrect, QuickCorrect, or another similar tool, you have nothing to worry about. However, you should still proofread the final version because machines also make mistakes from time to time.

Use a foot pedal

Some may smile hearing this advice because they don’t even know that such things exist. However, a foot pedal is irreplaceable during transcribing because it allows controlling playback quickly and efficiently. You don’t need a mouse, and your fingers are free for other tasks. Thus, you speed up the transcription process with a single device. Most foot pedals are easy: just plug them via USB and start using them. However, if you are not ready to purchase this instrument, we still recommend configuring the software you are using to control playback via keyboard, not a mouse. This is still faster and more convenient.

Practice typing

You probably know that it’s impossible to reach perfection but to become an expert, you should practice a lot. This also involves converting audio to text. Whenever you have a free minute, type anything you want, and very soon, you’ll see that the speed of typing has significantly improved. This advice doesn’t require purchasing any equipment, downloading software, or attending courses. Just practice typing on a regular basis, and you’ll be able to transcribe faster. And if you want to advance, watch videos, or even attend classes where people are taught how to type quicker.

Purchase noise-canceling headset

In order to create subtitles accurately and on time, you need quality sound. How can you achieve good results if you don’t hear the audio correctly? That is why it’s wise to invest in headphones that cancel the surrounding noise and let you hear the audio clearly. Modern headphones have lots of additional features, so you can make the transcription process extremely convenient and effective. But be ready that they are quite costly.

Make breaks

Monotonous tasks like sitting in the same position, listening to files, and typing everything down, can be exhausting. That is why you should schedule rest and stick to the plan. If you skip these breaks, you might end up stressed and nervous.

We recommend taking breaks every hour just to move the body and switch attention. Grab a snack, drink some water, and do several simple exercises. Trust us; your body and brain will be thankful for changing the scenery and will help to deal with transcribing quicker and easier.

Transcribe in a calm environment

It should be noted that the subtitling process requires 100% concentration and attention. That is why if you want to do everything faster, make sure nothing distracts you from the process. Pick a calm and peaceful place without side noises. A place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Make sure that the desk and chair are convenient. If there’s someone else in the house, ask them not to disturb you. Trust us, this simple tip is super effective, and transcribing will be fast and accurate.

Transcription is always a good idea!

Transcription, as you already know, is an important element of promoting the content and reaching new audiences. And very often, you need to transcribe really fast in order to stand the competition and make files visible to more and more people. If you want to speed up the process, the tips discussed in the article can be very useful.

However, there is another effective method that we should mention – hiring a professional transcriber. Thus, you’ll get a flawless and mistake-free result without wasting any time. And the deadlines are always met no matter how urgent the transcription is.

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