How To Get Clocks For Different Time Zones On The Menu Bar On macOS


Do you want to get clocks for different time zones? macOS shows the time in the menu bar and once you can select any time zone for the PC clock, you can simply add one clock to the menu bar. If your task is to divide between various time zones, then the single clock in the menu bar will be insufficient. If you want to fill the gap, you want an app that can provide you more clocks and there’s no limitation of them, paid as well as free. We suggest you using Clocker to get clocks for different time zones as the app also enables you to create reminders for these time zones, effectively they are taking the work out of calculating the time difference yourself. It’s also free.

Clocks for different time zones

Install or download Clocker from the Mac App Store. The Clocker app will ask for access to the Reminders app also the Calendar app so that you can create reminders in different time zones.

If you want to add a clock, simply tap the plus button in the app’s preferences. Also, input the name of a city. It will display up in the search bar and you can include or add it. Also, the clocks appear in a menu, by default, and to see the menu, simply tap Clocker’s icon in the menu bar.

If you want a clock to display up on the menu bar without tapping anything, choose the ‘Favorite’ box located next to it.

If you want to create reminders in the configured time zones. Simply tap the app icon or the clock in the menu bar. A pop-up appears, tap the 3 dots button located next to a clock and then create your reminder. After creating it, the reminder will display in the Reminders app, and when you again open this pop-up, it will also appear under the clock.


Clocker has plenty of features. It supports both light and dark themes. Not just this but also it can match the theme to whatever is set on an OS level. There are lots of customization choices for the clock that’s included in the menu bar. Also, you can adjust the size of the text which is always the best choice.

Clocker checks some, if not all, boxes for the best clock app. It’s good that the app is free and is quite good than lots of paid choices. You can also add many clocks directly to the menu bar as you want. Simply favorite the clock. macOS probably limit them if the storage runs out but Clocker provides users the choice to view the time in a ‘compact’ mode that manages to compress the time, and the location it’s for onto two lines.


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