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How to Hide Omnibar in Google Chrome

Well, Google Chrome has a feature that basically lets you bring Google’s instant search to the address bar. Also By default, it’s turned off, and for a possible good reason as well. However, the Chrome address bar instant search essentially gives permission to Google (or your current search engine) to track everything you type into the address bar. If you are okay with that, you can turn it on. Turning it off is done from the same spot in Chrome settings. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Hide Omnibar in Google Chrome. Let’s begin!

One of the best things about Google Chrome is its minimalistic interface actually. The browser has really great features however, it never lets any of those features add clutter or decrease the space available for viewing a webpage as well. Whenever it combined the search and address bar in one, it was actually undoubtedly a stroke of pure genius and now it actually looks like we will soon be able to hide the Omnibar. The features have already debuted in the latest Chrome Canary build that is ready for testing.


How to Hide Omnibar in Google Chrome

The option is not available by default, you’ll have to manually change it. Type about: flags in the Omnibar and turn on ‘Compact Navigation’. There is an option to ‘Hide the toolbar’ will add when you right-click the tab. The forward, back, and also settings functions will be integrated into the title bar. The bar reappears when you tap the tab, however, will disappear again in a few seconds. Whenever a new link is clicked, a page is refreshed or a page is loading, the bar remains visible as well.

When the page has loaded, it then disappears. The page title will still be visible whenever you mouse over a tab. Along with the hide, option turned on, the length of the Omnibar shrinks so that it looks something like the find bar (Ctrl+F ) actually. If you select text in the Omnibar, then it will not disappear unless you unselect the text. The only problem with hiding the bar is that you no longer have access to the extension icons that would normally be visible next to settings actually.


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