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How to Hide Your IP Address on iPhone & iPad

iOS users are usual for advanced security. But it isn’t possible to hide/cover the IP address of your iPad or iPhone. If you want to get true anonymity online also infinite access to geo-blocked content. Simply you want to download a VPN onto your device. We’ll display you which providers are good and also how to use them to modify your IP.

Whenever you go online, your IP address is visible. However, your local service provider can view it, websites you visit can view it, or any hacker or surveillance officer can also record it. Also, You can track online activity using IP addresses back to your ISP account and can easily associate it with via name and address, instantly destroying your online privacy.

However, IP addresses are important for the internet to function. Also, they have not privacy liability. If you want your data safe and secure then these smart devices are difficult to preserving online security. However, they all take is one breach and your data is gone for good.

Here are some best ways to hide an IP address on iPhone, iPad, and iOS.

What are IP Addresses and Why are They Important?

Before you can secure your own IP, it’s the best idea to have a handle on the basics of what they are and how they help the Wi-Fi function.

What Does an IP Address Do?

An IP address is an internet protocol address. It has a series of unique numbers specify devices when they connect to the Wi-Fi internet. However, every device gets its own IP, from PC to tablets, phones, gaming consoles, cameras, also smart TVs and appliances. They are used to mark devices for data delivery. It’s the same as putting your home address on a package so the post office can post it on your home address.

Here’s a common type of IP is a public IP address that seems something like this: 123.45.678.9. These numbers are quite different every time when you connect to the internet. Also, they’re different for every device, too.

After receiving data from a website, it shares it straight to your IP address. Also, it can serve various content to rely on the IP address location.

How Can IP Addresses Be Abused?

It’s really important to use IP addresses to make sure your data passing using the internet gets to where it’s assumed to go. However, there’s a drawback to this process. After having a unique address, your location and identity can be found by special services. You can also become a victim of suppression without realizing it.

IP addresses can’t unsafe on their own, but when you merge them together using unencrypted data and activity logs, you have a crucial privacy issue. Also, internet histories saved by ISP for months or years.

Benefits of Hiding Your IP Address

Hiding your IP address has lots of immediate benefits, especially when it’s done along using data encryption. When you can’t associate this visible tag using the information you interact with. Then you can quickly gain anonymity. No one can view who you are, and no one can match your activity to your identity or location.

Other advantages of hiding your IP address include bypassing censorship blocks based on country. Securing online tracking and surveillance efforts, also accessing videos and other content alternatively unavailable in your area. You can simply do this on your iPhone, iPad, or any device just by modifying your IP address. However, the whole process might not be as difficult as you think.

Best Way to Hide Your IP Address on iOS – Use a VPN

The most efficient way to hide your IP address is to use a VPN. However, it creates a tunnel between your iPhone/iPad and Wi-Fi. Every data packet of traffic is encrypted before it leaves, changing raw data into unreadable bytes of information. They can travel using your ISP and straight to the VPN provider where they specify an anonymous IP address. Also, creates a double shield against problems and data mining efforts.

Finding the Best VPN for Hiding IP Addresses

It’s not quite easy to find the best VPN to use using the iPhone and iPad to make your IP address hidden. How do you find a perfect balance between speed, reliability, security and encryption strength? By doing plenty of research, which takes time.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you by providing the top criteria for selecting the best VPN for iOS devices. In the other section, we also provide some recommendations for the best VPN to use to hide your IP address on any hardware, including the iPhone and iPad!

The best VPN always has a…

  • Huge server network.
  • Strict zero-logging policy.
  • High speed of the connection.
  • Custom app for iPhone and iPad.
  • Infinite bandwidth and no speed caps, ever.

Best VPNs for Hiding Your IP Address on iOS

Here’ are the best VPNs associated with iPhone and iPad:


ExpressVPN ranks as one of the quickest and most privacy-conscious VPN providers around. The enterprise installs a strong network of over 3,000+ servers in 94 countries worldwide. Every server having tons of available IPs. Also, it provides you a huge amount of freedom when it comes to hiding your own IP. You can also switch servers whenever you like and attach up to 3 devices at a time. It includes tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

Security is another of ExpressVPN’s robust points. The policies also keep users safe using DNS leak protection. However, a kill switch for both desktop and smartphone devices, and absolutely no logs. Couple with infinite bandwidth and no restrictions on traffic types and you’ve got the best VPN service that can hide your IP on iOS, iPad, iPhone, and lots of other devices.


  •  SPECIAL OFFER: 3 months free (49% off – link below)
  • Very fast servers (minimal speed loss)
  •  Torrenting enable
  •  Makes no logs of private data
  •  24/7 Chat Support


  •  Expensive


NordVPN is the fastest and fully customizable choice for the best security and privacy around. One of the most promising features of the service is the size of their network. Also, the list is always increasing, but currently, NordVPN hosts 5,500 in 59 countries, delivering lots of IP addresses for you to select from. There are also exclusive servers you can use for added security. It includes onion over VPN, DDoS protection and double encryption.

It has a zero-logging policy on bandwidth, time stamps, traffic, and DNS access to make your activity never saved long-term. However, both automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection features hide your identity. 256-bit AES encryption makes every packet of data locked down tight for a strapping foundation of online anonymity and security.


  •  Unblocks US Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and other streaming services
  •  The mind-boggling number of servers
  •  2,048-bit SSL keys and DNS leak protection
  •  Strict zero-logs policy on both traffic and metadata
  •  Cash-back guarantee policy (30-days).


  •  Some servers can unreliable
  •  Takes 30 days to complete refunds.


CyberGhost is another amazing VPN using lots of features design to protect you Also, it is hidden online. Not just this but it delivers fast data connections over 5,900 servers round about 90 countries. It provides you all the fast and non-local IP address you could ever want. You can also use this to begin bypassing censorship blockades or stream movies from foreign countries. CyberGhost can’t put any kind of limitations on bandwidth or speed caps.

CyberGhost also uses robust privacy practices to keep you safe online. Beginning with 256-bit AES encryption on all data using a zero-logging policy on traffic, and IP address.


  •  Unblocking Netflix USA, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, YouTube
  •  Torrenting enable
  • User-friendly and Versatile
  •  Strict no logging
  •  45-days cash-back guarantee.


  •  WebRTC IPv6 leak in macOS
  •  It doesn’t work well in China.

Hide Your IP Address on iOS with a VPN

After getting a VPN your next step is to access it to encrypt your data and remember your IP address is totally hidden. Simply follow the steps below to do just that.

Step 1:

Select one of our suggested VPNs from above and begins a subscription.

Step 2:

Then install the VPN app for your device. Some services provide connects to the iTunes App Store for instant and simple downloads.

Step 3:

Simply launch the VPN on your iPhone and input your login details.

Step 4:

Select the VPN’s quick-connect option to connect to a suggested server. It provides you the fastest speeds possible.

Step 5:

Also, Open a web browser on your device and move to

Step 6:

Wait a while for the page to load and run an IP address lookup.

Step 7:

If the box under “Your IP address” displays a country rather than the one you’re currently in. The VPN is active, working perfectly, and your IP address is hidden!

Step 8:

Whenever your VPN is enabled, your real IP address will remain hidden.

Alternatives Ways to Hide Your IP Address on iPhone, iPad, and iOS

After using a VPN is the quickest and simplest way to hide your IP address on any device. However, the encryption also works to make you safe and secure whenever you go on the web. Also, some other choices you can install to modify your IP, however, some of which can also be used on iOS hardware.

Proxy Services

Another alternative VPN to hide your IP address is to sign up using an anonymous proxy. However, these services are quite similar to a VPN in that they enable you to select which country your anonymous IP address link with to mask your location. However, the proxy requests web information on your behalf and depends on it to you without revealing your true location.

The drawback to proxies is they can’t provide encryption. Also, certainly, they’re quite slower than a VPN. It holds free proxy services, that can be terrific to use. Besides you absolutely have no other option. However, it’s the best idea to ignore any kind of proxy and just stick with a secure VPN.

Use Tor to Hide Your IP

The Tor network and the link Tor browser works by using onion routing to summarize your data packets in layers of encryption before passing it using a series of nodes. Every part of the network removes back a layer of encryption. It uncovers the other destination for the packet of information. When the last layer is decrypted the data will arrive at its location.

Tor is also used by privacy experts and journalists worldwide to make sure online anonymity for most of their communications. It has its drawbacks, of course, but it does an outstanding job hiding your IP address.

There’s no official version of the Tor browser for iPhone or iPad devices. Mike Tigas designed an unofficial iOS launch that does basically the same thing, however. Simply visit the Onion Browser download page on the iTunes App Store to install. Also, launch the browser and use it when you would Firefox, Safari Chrome.

Hide Your IP by Switching Networks

If you want to instantly modify your IP address and can’t too concerned about your location is visible. Then there’s a quick trick you can install. IPs can’t follow people or devices. But if you get a different IP simply connect through a different hotspot. Any public Wi-Fi network will do, includes the local library, a Wi-Fi cafe, coffee shop, or also a friend’s house. After logging in assign a unique IP address that can’t tie to yourself or your home.

Don’t Use Free VPNs to Hide Your IP Address

Free VPNs are all over the world. Some browser extension markets and smartphone apps contain VPNs. They are free, very fast, and unlimited service. Simply download and you’re safe!

S0me VPNs are costly. But in case if they can’t bring profits from paying customers, then they have to view elsewhere for income. The most common method is to log and sell data to gather from users. The drawback is all your browsing history on a free VPN could be shared with third parties without your permission. Also, if your IP address is hidden, then it doesn’t matter, as other enterprises can still find out who and where you are.


It’s amazingly quite easy and simple to hide your IP address on an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices. You just want a perfect VPN service and a few minutes of your time. Using the above tips, you can stay safe and protective whenever you connect to the internet!

Do you want another method of masking your iPhone’s IP address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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