How To Highlight The Mouse Pointer On macOS


Are you the one who wants to highlight the mouse pointer on macOS? If yes, then you are in the right place. The pointer on macOS can be resized and it’s generally easier to view provided it has a solid border to it. Rather than your pointer is very small. Also, you have a quite high-resolution screen, chances are you don’t lose the pointer. Also, if you do, you can simply shake your mouse to find it. However, it works when you are on your PC. But while recording a screencast on a Mac, or using it to provide a presentation, you want an easy way to highlight the mouse pointer. Well, we’ve two apps that you can try. The first one is a ScreenPointer that offers a simple one-time purchase. As it’s quite free till March 2020, and another Mouseposé asks you to purchase an annual subscription for cost $ 9.99.

Highlight the Mouse Pointer

Screen Pointer:

Come let’s begin with ScreenPointer which is the cheaper choice and which actually includes a highlight to the pointer. The free version is going to provide you access to simply the spotlight highlight which is quite useless as it adds an overlay to the remaining screen, darkening it. But it’s not a good choice for screencasts, and might not the best one for presentations.

While doing upgradation to the pro version though, you simply get access to the red and green cursors which you can enhance in size and also serve as a more suitable highlight. However, all other choices that it offers looks quite silly. So, you can simply try them all out. The gun one probably works in some situations, and so can the barrier one.


Mouseposé is what some people suggest but it offers one type of highlight. The same spotlight that Screen Pointer offers with the choices to modify its color. The only issue is that it too will include an overlay to the screen which probably not suitable for presentations or screencasts. It has a trial version so you can freely check it out and view if it fits the bill.

The app can also display taps and that specific feature is quite better than its highlight feature.

At last, it comes down to what sort of highlight you’re searching for. If the spotlight is what you want, the free version of ScreenPointer is quite good for the job. There’s also an app called Highlight that can do quite better than either of the two apps we’ve listed but it is no longer under development. Its developer page has been standard and it’s not a 64-bit app meaning it can’t execute or on Catalina.



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