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All the USB ports are not created equal actually. USB might have become a universally accepted standard of connecting peripherals to your system. However, all the USB ports found on your system are not the same. Some are built to do things, but others are not for example. You guys might have noticed that your phone charges faster. Whenever you connect it to a certain USB port and then slower when you use a different one. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Identify USB Symbol on Computer. Let’s begin!

However, the slow charge might have to do with a problematic data cable. Then it might also be that you guys are connecting your phone to a slow charging USB port. What you need to do is connect it to the one specifically built to charge a device. Here’s how you guys can identify USB ports as USB 3.0 and USB charging ports on your system actually.

How to Identify USB Symbol on Computer

In order to identify a USB port, you need to look for the following symbols next to the one that you guys want to connect a device to;

You guys might find two of the symbols that can occur at the same time. That is, you guys might find both the USB 3.0 symbol. And the USB charging port symbol next to a single port. All this means is that the port is actually meant for USB 3.0 and can also charge a device faster. Newer systems will likely only have one USB 2.0 port as more and much more folks prefer USB 3.0 for its speed. There will likely only be one charging port.

Blue Color Port

Another really quick way to identify a USB 3.0 port is via observing the color. If the manufacturer has does not provide symbols. Then it might rather have made the port blue or it might have done both. And the color will make it easier to identify compared in order to squint at the symbol actually.

Yellow Port

A USB port that’s actually yellow represents a port that is ‘Always On’. You guys can use this port in order to charge a device even if your PC or laptop is not on actually. It’s also worth mentioning that if you guys don’t have a Yellow USB port. You can try to connect a device to the charging port and it might be an ‘always on’ port. Case in point, the charging port on a Dell Inspiron 7559 isn’t yellow but, it is an always On port as well.

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Charging Port

Ports that don’t really have the lightning symbol will still charge your phone. They do also have the capability to charge a device, however, the power of these ports limits. That is what results in the slow charge. If you guys have connected your phone to the right port, however, it’s still charging slowly, try running these tests to see if you might have a faulty data cable.

Test Cases | USB symbol

Case 1:

Your laptop is actually on battery power. It’s possible your OS or the hardware on your laptop restricts how fast actually a device connects through USB can charge. When your system is running on a battery actually. Try to plug your system into a power outlet and then see if the charging speed increases to normal.

Case 2:

The USB port is defective or slow as well. A device might charge slowly if there is something wrong along with the USB port you guys connect it to. Try to change ports in order to find one that has more power and can also charge your phone faster.

Case 3: 

Assuming changing USB ports and also plugging your laptop into a wall outlet does not really get your phone in order to charge faster. It’s possible there is something wrong along with the laptop or that the hardware just can’t really charge your phone as fast as it should. Try to connect your phone to a different laptop as well. We test this theory out with an old Dell model that’s always had a problem with its power supply unit and internal wiring.

The laptop has been known on occasion in order to shock a user and is in spite of changing ports and making sure it was connected to a power source. The phone in question continued to charge slowly as well. It was then connected to a newer (and seriously awesome) HP model actually. The first port we connected it to result in a slow charge. The port was actually changed and the phone began in order to charge at normal speed.

Case 4:

You can connect your phone to a wall outlet. Make sure the outlet is not run on a UPS system and that you guys are connecting it directly rather than plugging it into an extension board. If it continues to charge slowly, then there is likely a problem along with your data cable.

The Solution

Well, if your phone fails to charge normally through all of the above four test cases, your data cable might be to blame. Just swap it out for a new one and try to use a cable that’s certified and approved by the manufacturer of your phone. Run the four test cases again. A counterfeit or also low-quality cable will likely fail them all. So you will have to find a better cable. If after changing the cable, your phone charges normally whenever you guys connect to a power outlet. However, is still slow to charge on your laptop, the problem of slow charge resides on the laptop you are connecting it to.


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