How To Install & Download Foldermount Pro Apk

Foldermount Pro Apk

Do you want to install or download Foldermount Pro Apk? If yes, then you are in the right place. As we all know, some of the popular or new apps and games save big files over the SD card. For instance, you not only install game files directly on your external storage. In this case, Foldermount Pro looks to be the only option left. The app enables users to transfer their system apps to external storage.

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Foldermount Pro APK New Version – Download For Free

If we look around, we will explore that the Android OS is now used by lots of users all around the world. Android is no doubt the most used mobile OS that comes with many amazing features. However, Android is based on an open-source OS, we could enjoy infinite customization options.

However, if you like to fully customize our mobile smartphone and to extend the features of the OS, we can then install many apps. Mobile manufacturers are now making mobiles with big storage capabilities. But still, there are lots of low-end mobiles available out there that come with the minimum storage.

It doesn’t matter whether your mobile 128GB or 64GB of internal storage. Because of the huge availability of games or apps, the internal storage running quickly. Installing games or apps are not bad at all, but these things consume too much of internal storage. Well, Android is based on an open-source OS, we could expect some apps that can help you to fix your storage problem.


Well, there are various methods to free up the internal storage on your mobile device. However, those junk or cache cleaning apps fail to free up your mobile storage. So, if you want to effectively manage your mobile internal storage, we would like to use an app that links your internal content to the external.

Lots of new and famous games or apps save big files over the internal SD card. For instance, you not only install game files directly on your external storage. These files are unmovable and users don’t have any choice option to use the external SD card to save data. So, in this guide, you learn an Android app that will help you to your internal SDcard folders to folders in your external SD card.

The app is known as FolderMount Pro Apk. It does a good job by linking internal storage folders to the folders in your external sd card. The app can also free up some storage space on your mobile device.

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What Do You Know About It?


Foldermount Pro Apk is an amazing app that can be used to free up some internal storage. Well, this app lets users transfer their system apps to external storage. The best thing about Foldermount Pro is its mechanism. It simply mounts the internal SD card folders to external SD folders.

The app interface is very neat and clean and it doesn’t seem complicated at all. However, you should root the Android smartphone to link internal data to the external. So, if you already have a rooted mobile device, then you can simply link folders within a few clicks.

Another amazing thing about the app is that it can scans and examine apps that can be linked to the external SD card. The app features a visual or GUI design and it will execute on Android 2.3 – 4.4. The app also comes in two models – Free and Pro. The free variant only lets users create 3 mount pair.

Alternatively, the Foldermount pro apk eliminates all limitations and you can then create infinite mount pairs. So, in short, Foldermount pro apk is no doubt the best Android apps that can free up some internal storage on your rooted mobile device.

Notable Features:

Well, rather than mounting internal SD card folders to the external SD folders, the app offers lots of amazing features:

  • The app mounts internal storage folders to external SD folders.
  • Transfer content from internal to external when you added a. (Dialog prompt)
  • Compatible for Android 2.3 – 6.0.
  • It will scan the SDCARD mount status and remount if applicable.

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How To Install & Download Foldermount Pro Apk:

Download Foldermount

The app wants a rooted Android smartphone to run. So, if you have a rooted mobile device, then follow the easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

At first head over to Apkmirror and look for “Foldermount Pro”.

Step 2:

Once you download the app move to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and then turn on the option of ‘Unknown Sources’

Step 3;

Now move to the location where you have stored the foldermount pro apk and then again install it.

Step 4:

Execute the app and it will ask you to allow few permissions. Just grant the permissions and then click on ‘Analyze the applications’

Step 5:

Now, wait a while until the app examines all the installed app. Once done, tap on the app that you like to pair and set the Source and Destination and then tap on ‘Create Pair’

Step 6:

Now, wait a while until the transfer takes place.

That’s all about it, you are done!


These were the easy steps on how you can use the folder mount apk on your mobile device. If you need any help regarding the installation procedure then let us know below. What are your views about Foldermount pro apk? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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